EMILY’s List Top 10 Reasons To Defeat Chris Christie

EMILY’s List is out today with a fundraising email making the case that defeating Chris Christie in November is the best way to close out his hopes to reach the White House in 2016. Yes, we make the exact same point. But it’s reassuring when it’s underscored by national groups. EMILY’s List has a 28-year history of powering behind precisely the kind of candidate who is now gearing up to run against him.

In case you don’t remember what EMILY stands for, here’s a vintage West Wing clip, in which CJ Cregg explains to Toby Ziegler about “that girls’ group with the stupid name” just before she teams up to elect the fictional president that got me through the unfortunately real President Bush.

Here’s the last 3 of EMILY’s List’s Top 10 Reasons We Need to Defeat Chris Christie – find the Top 7 after the jump.

10. Chris Christie Vetoed Same-Sex Marriage

With the tide in America turning against bigotry and discrimination, and in one of the most solidly blue states in the country, Christie vetoed a bill sent to him by both houses of the New Jersey legislature that would enshrine marriage equality into law.

9. Chris Christie Is No Friend to Workers

Christie has built himself a reputation as one of the most anti-union governors in the country, referring to public school teachers as “thugs” and supporting a bill that would “destroy collective bargaining.”

8. Chris Christie Doesn’t Believe in Universal Pre-K

Not only does Christie oppose government-funded preschool for every child in his state, he attacked his predecessor’s plan as “simply wrong” and called it “government babysit[ting].”

7. Chris Christie Misuses State Funds

At a cost of $2,500 an hour, Christie used a state helicopter for personal travel. Probably not the use taxpayers had in mind.

6. Chris Christie Supports the Ryan Budget

Paul Ryan’s proposed federal budget would end Medicare as we know it, but Christie joined ultraconservative governors like Texas’s Rick Perry, Mississippi’s Haley Barbour, and Virginia’s Bob McDonnell to tell Ryan that his budget was what “voters clearly asked for.” [US News, published 4/6/11]

5. Chris Christie Vetoed a Hike in the Minimum Wage

Just last month, Christie vetoed a bill passed by the legislature that would raise the minimum wage in New Jersey — a state with the third-highest cost of living in the nation — from $7.25 an hour to $8.50, and index it to the consumer price index so it grows with inflation. Christie proposed a smaller increase, phased in over more time, which would not be indexed.

4. Chris Christie Vetoed Equal Pay Legislation

Christie isn’t shy about much, and that includes the use of his veto pen. He vetoed three of four bills passed by the legislature designed to outlaw pay discrimination against women in the workplace and called them “senseless bureaucracy.”

3. Chris Christie Targeted Poor Families in His Budget

It’s no surprise that Christie is a fan of Paul Ryan’s budget once you look at his own. His budget cut aid for tuition, for a center for abused children, for legal services, and for transitional aid to some of New Jersey’s neediest communities. When asked about the cuts, he said “I don’t care.”

2. Chris Christie Cut Funding to Family Planning Organizations

Christie got out his veto pen again for a budget that would have given $7.5 million to family planning organizations in the state, including Planned Parenthood. He blocked attempts to restore the funding, even using a line-item veto specifically to target women’s health in New Jersey.

1. Chris Christie Is Proudly Anti-Choice

Christie has declared himself against the side of women’s reproductive rights and on the side of those who would deny them, saying “I am pro-life.”

We can’t trust Chris Christie, not in New Jersey, and certainly not in the White House. This November may be our best chance to stop his ambitions.

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  1. deciminyan

    Here’s their press release

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, announces its endorsement of Barbara Buono for Governor of New Jersey.  

    “It’s about time New Jersey has its first pro-choice Democratic woman governor,” said Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY’s List, “and as a progressive champion with an impressive track record of fighting for women and families, Barbara Buono is the perfect candidate to finally break that glass ceiling. Buono is a lifelong New Jerseyan and mother of six, who understands firsthand the struggles that working families face. And during her nearly two decades in public service she fought for families like hers by protecting women’s healthcare, cutting the budget by $4.5 million while still preserving vital programs, and expanding access to affordable housing.

    “That’s why we’re so thrilled to have been with her every step of the way – starting with her first campaign for State Senate. The EMILY’s List community – now two million members strong – is ready to unseat the aggressively anti-woman Governor Chris Christie, and replace him with a smart and pragmatic fighter who will expand opportunity for women and families.”

    Barbara Buono is a lifelong resident of New Jersey. She began her political career in 1993 when she served on the Borough of Metuchen Council, and promoted responsible government spending without cutting vital services. Buono was elected to the New Jersey State Assembly in 1994, and served as an assembly member until 2001 when she was elected to the New Jersey State Senate. During her tenure as a state senator, Buono became the first woman to serve as Majority Leader from 2010-2011 as well as the first woman to chair the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee. As a state senator, Buono introduced legislation to fund family planning, and fought to raise the minimum wage, require hospitals to provide care to sexual assault victims, extend family leave benefits, and legalize same-sex marriage. Barbara Buono received her B.A. in political science from Montclair State College, and her J.D. from Rutgers Law School.

    During the 2011- 2012 election cycle, EMILY’s List helped elect an historic number of candidates – the only pro-choice Democratic woman governor in the country, 19 new women to the House, six Senate incumbents, and three new Senators – all the first women to represent their states in the Senate. And this cycle, women we’ve helped elect include the first Hindu and first female combat veterans to serve in the House, the first openly gay Senator, and the first Asian American woman to serve in the Senate. With a community that has quintupled since 2010 – now more than two million members strong – EMILY’s List is one of the largest political action committees in the nation. Since its founding in 1985, EMILY’s List has worked to elect 100 pro-choice Democratic women to the House, 19 to the Senate, 10 governors, and over five hundred women to state and local office. In the 2011-2012 cycle, EMILY’s List had the largest number of members and donors in our 28 year history, and raised a record-breaking $52 million dollars.

    For more information on EMILY’s List, please visit http://www.emilyslist.org.

    For more information contact:

    Jess McIntosh

    Phone: 202-326-1400

    E-mail: press@emilyslist.org


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