Does This Univision Report Clear Menendez?

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So, apparently the “underage prostitute” who claimed to have slept with Senator Bob Menendez denies that she ever even met Menendez, and may even be 21. Which doesn’t matter if he didn’t sleep with her.  And may be a virgin.  Which also doesn’t matter if he didn’t sleep with her.

Univision reported this, but it’s in Spanish so I’m not totally sure.  Can anyone translate?

UPDATE: A friendly Spanish speaker says the mother claims her daughter is getting married and is a virgin, though I would guess many parents think that about their little girl.  The daughter says, “It’s completely false.  I don’t even know that man, not even on TV.”  

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Politicker’s story on it:

    Even putting that aside, he may be up for a reprimand by the ethics committee for failing to report the trips voluntarily.  That shouldn’t affect his seat or, probably, his chair of the foreign relations committee.

  2. johnleesandiego

    the fact that our Senator did not engage in activites is important to the Senator; but the fact that she was referred to as an underage prostitute is critically important to her. She must clear her name as the teaparty, Malkins, and Hannitys of the world continue to defame her.


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