Christie, Palatucci, & Jersey

Late last year, Bill Palatucci, friend and mentor of NJ Gov. Chris Christie, left Community Education Centers for the law firm of Gibbons, PC.

Community Education Centers, CEC, calls itself “A leading provider of offender reentry” is the company to which New Jersey has outsourced halfway houses.

It is also the company that allows felons to – in words Mitt Romney might use – “Self-Parole” and “Self-Pardon” – to walk away at will. The New York Times covered this at length. The Times, not known for sensationalist reporting, described Community Education Centers half-way houses as places where “bedlam” reigns.

Palatucci said that his resignation from CEC had nothing to do with Governor Christie’s re-election campaign. He also said that he wants to have time to work on Republican campaigns in 2013.

If Gov. Christie runs his campaign the way Community Education Centers runs their half-way houses I expect Mr. Christie to lose his re-election campaign.  

Mr. Palatucci and Mr. Christie go back a long way. Back in 1987 Christie joined the law firm of Dughi, Hewit & Palatucci. In 1993 he was named a partner in the firm. In 98 he registered as a lobbyist for the firm.

Between 1999 and 2001, Christie and Palatucci lobbied on behalf of GPU Energy for deregulation of New Jersey’s electric and gas industry; the Securities Industry Association to block the inclusion of securities fraud under the state’s Consumer Fraud Act; Hackensack University Medical Center for state grants, and the University of Phoenix for a New Jersey higher education license.

in 2000, Christie and Palatucci worked as fundraisers for George W. Bush.  

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  1. firstamend07

    The Human Warehousing business,better known as the halfay House system, was never operated by Palatucci.

    Palatucci was hired on by one of the best political manipulators in New Jersey history. William Clancy knows how to play the game and having Palatucci on his ” team” was a very smart move.

    CEC is a huge moneymaker and Clancy will do anything to keep his kingdom operating.

    Have you noticed how the big ” stink” over Halfway House’s has gone away?

    Clancy and Palatucci knew that as long as Palatuci stayed on the Board of CEC that CEC would be a political target for the Democrats. Once Palatucci left the Halfway house issue went away.

    Christie will make sure Clancy is taken care of and Clancy will make sure that Palatucci’s name will never again come up.

    Human Warehousing is too big a business to clean up. The public does not care, the politicians do not care, the incarcerated have no say, and the NJDOC which provides the money look on these warehouses as ” cost savings” . The only reason any of this came up at all was because one reporter at the NY Times did an investigative piece.

    Palatucci became a political liability to Clancy,so they agreed it was time to depart .

    Their strategy worked.



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