Christie: All About Domains, Donations, Whales and Fish

Our media master it appears is not the wiz of websites nor the dominator of domains, nor even perhaps desirous of donations. Whereas Democratic candidate Sen. Barbara Buono has a robust website with multiple pages, Governor Christie’s site has only two pages: a home page with a huge photo of himself and a link to a single donation page.

One would expect his web site to be Alas, someone called Michael Deutsch owns the domain. It can be purchased through The site is currently being used by Cafe Press to market pro and con Christie-like products – revenue lost to the governor. Since the likelihood of him running for re-election could have been anticipated years ago, it seems surprising he never acquired the domain.

It is is even more surprising because the organization to which we are invited to donate funds on his website is Christie for Governor, Inc. So he is left with a less recognizable website of two pages called

Perhaps the answer as to why he did not purchase the domain is apparent in the site he is using. With only two pages and none of the standard accoutrements found on a gubernatorial site, the governor has less interest in small donations. After all the largest individual or company donation is $3,800, and under our laws certain individuals and entities can not contribute at all or are limited to a smaller amount.

It’s the whales he seeks not the fish. And, as it was and always shall be, it’s the whales he serves not the fish.  

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