Chris Christie: Best Part of Being NJ Governor is Leaving NJ

Chris Christie in New York City rooting for the Rangers, not the NJ Devils. He’s extra happy because commuters were delayed as he came through the Lincoln Tunnel because they stopped traffic for his recreation.

Wow.  According to PolitickerNJ Chris Christie says the thing he likes best about being Governor is that it’s easier to leave the state.

Christie told an 8-year-old girl at a Montville town hall Wednesday who inquired about his favorite part of being governor that his ride into the Big Apple is, easily, the best part.

Why? Because normal traffic to the Lincoln Tunnel is closed when a governor drives through, of course.

“I love going to New York now, I used to hate it,” Christie joked.

Considering that Christie spent an awful good portion of 2012 out of state campaigning for Republicans who turned their back on New Jersey when we needed them to recover from Sandy, this is a pretty damned stupid thing to say.

Even as a joke, a Governor should not be saying he is so glad to be able to get out of his state.  Imagine if Jon Corzine or Jim McGreevey were to have made this joke — the GOP would have gone batspit insane over it, 101.5 would have spent days attacking them, and Bob Ingle would write a book.

Not that there’s a double standard when it comes to Chris Christie.  No, sirree.  

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  1. Jeff Gardner

    If he hates tunnel traffic so much (we all do!), he shouldn’t have killed the ARC Tunnel project, which would have expanded mass transit opportunities and alleviated congestion, while creating a wealth of good-paying jobs and improving the state’s infrastructure.

    Or are we not supposed to talk about that anymore?  

  2. rubybegone

    the fact that our proximity to NYC make it so easy to enjoy all that it has to offer ,I believe he’s just emphasizing another advantage to living in N.J …

  3. deciminyan

    …every time I’m on a train to NYC and it’s stopped or crawling as we approach the tunnel.

  4. vmars (Post author)

    ’cause he doesn’t have to be in it.  

  5. vmars (Post author)

    What he was emphasizing was that by being Governor he can have the state police deny other people access to the tunnels so he can shoot through quickly, easily leaving the state.

    He’s lived in NJ all of his life, and has always had access to New York City.  It’s only as governor that he gets the perk of it being easy to leave the state.


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