Cardinale Out Of Touch With The Times, Out Of Step With The 39th District

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It is truly an honor to be running to represent the people of the 39th Legislative District. But sometimes we have seen elected officials take their position for granted. When my opponent Gerry Cardinale first went to Trenton in 1981, New Jersey’s median income was $22,000. Postage was 20-cents. Gasoline cost 90-cents.  As many Blue Jersey readers know, that is a far cry 30 years later from the challenges that residents are facing today.

New Jersey and the demographic makeup of Bergen and Passaic counties have dramatically changed since then. Its residents are now younger, more diverse, and more progressive.  The problem however, is that Mr. Cardinale has not changed with the times. He no longer reflects or represents the values and concerns that are important to his constituents.

I believe that the people of Bergen and Passaic counties deserve a fresh, progressive and vocal advocate in Trenton. As an experienced social worker with an extensive record of community service and activism, I would promote and support legislation in the Senate to stabilize property taxes; create jobs and strengthen small businesses; encourage shared municipal services, champion women’s pay-equity and healthcare; and fight for practical flood-control initiatives.

We saw the other day how Senator Lautenberg, a genuine statesman with a distinguished record of service to the people of New Jersey announced his difficult decision to leave public service – a decision that he made with the same grace and dignity with which he serves. It’s clear that if Mr. Cardinale won’t emulate Senator Lautenberg’s gallantry, I will ask the voters to make the decision for him.

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Comments (2)

  1. carolh

    yesterday at the gun forum.  I think a lot of folks may have misunderstood the hearing in Trenton. They did not realize the difference between a committee hearing a full vote.  Hopefully as they become familiar with the process they will realize the best way to talk to their legislators is to actually simply talk to them. Shouting is counterproductive.  The one item I did notice that got hearty applause on both sides was stricter penalties for criminals who commit crimes with guns. That surprised me. But it appeared to be the first common ground between the two sides. Perhaps we can start there…

  2. carolh

    on Senator Weinberg’s diary today.

    What I meant to post here was a thank you to Jan Bidwell for running in my district. For too many years the Democrats have run no real opposition to Cardinale. Last year I was appalled that we had absolutely no one on the primary ballot at all.

    Thank you for taking on the challenge!


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