Bob Ingle Takes His Claws Out on Rush Holt

I don’t know what’s up with Bob Ingle and this catty attack on Rush Holt, but it’s a lot of steam without any heat.

With Sen. Lautenberg’s announcement he’s not running again, they’re coming out of the woodwork to test the water and say they may be interested in his seat. One of them is Rep. Rush Holt. Really? Before Holt runs for the Senate he might try to establish a record of accomplishment in the House. Just because his father was a senator from West Virginia doesn’t qualify him.

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  1. Jersey Jazzman

    Another useless Ingle post where he takes a cheap shot with no evidence, links, research, or WORK to back up his nonsense.

    Ingle is likely the laziest “journalist” in New Jersey. If he wants to make the case against Holt, let him make it: let him do some real WORK and show how Holt isn’t up to snuff.

    Until then, Gannett should be embarrassed by the lack of professionalism in Ingle’s “work.”

  2. proud2Bliberal

    I wish Rush Holt were running against Christie.  Jay Inslee was in Congress and ran for Gov. of WA and won and Rush Holt can do the same thing in NJ. He is nationally known and recognized and can raise money from the entire country.  None of Christie’s potshots will work on him.  Education voters and high tech workers who are Republicans will cross over and vote for him.  


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