Assembly may decide to empower itself to subpoena the NJ Treasurer – Follow @BlueJersey live-Tweet

UPDATE: And … it’s over. Quick doings. Assembly Budget votes to enable subpoena of the Treasurer. Next, it goes to the entire Assembly.

UPDATE#2: Full Assembly vote on this resolution has not yet been scheduled. Follow Blue Jersey for updates.

This morning, the Assembly Budget Committee will consider a resolution today granting it subpoena power over Gov. Chris Christie’s administration. This is in response to news coverage about the Christie administration’s no-bid contract with Florida-based AshBritt, Inc. as well as state Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff’s four refusals over a period of five months to testify before the committee when called to do so. They are seeking to question Sidamon-Eristoff on several budgetary issues, including Hurricane Sandy spending, and specifically agreements made with AshBritt.

Hearing, scheduled for 10am, has a delayed start.

AshBritt: Here is a handy history.  

Ways you can follow this from work:

Follow @BlueJersey on Twitter. We will once again be live-Tweeting the discussion.

Listen live via NJ Legislature media page.

Keep refreshing the page until ‘Pending’ becomes ‘Listen’. Hearings often start late. You will need Windows Media Player; a link is provided at the bottom of the media page

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  1. deciminyan

    I’ve sat through committee meetings late into the night. This was not one of them. The meeting started 30 minutes late, and was over in 10 minutes. Chairman Prieto stated the case, saying how he was “disrespected” by the Treasurer. GOP Budget Officer O’Scanlon said he would agree to disagree, and GOP Assemblyman Bucco, Jr said that the Chairman should not feel disrespected. That’s it.

    Next, the resolution goes to the full Assembly.


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