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AshBritt is a company that does environmental cleanups after major events like hurricanes, significant snowfalls, other disasters.  They also appear to be a company that makes contributions to the elected officials who give them the contracts to clean up.

We found out that AshBritt, after being given a no-bid contract by Governor Chris Christie, gave $50,000 to the Republican Governor’s Associations which had a guy named Christie as it’s Vice Chair until recently.

A look at the past for AshBritt finds that in 2005 they hired a firm called Barbour, Griffith & Rogers to lobby on their behalf to the tune of $100,000.  The Barbour in the name of that company had also recently stepped away — in this case to become the Governor of Mississippi who had the power to grant contracts to clean up after Katrina.

Another $40,000 in 2005 went to Welsh Resources where AshBritt’s lobbyist was former Mississippi Congressman Mike Parker, and in 2006 another $220K and $100K every year through 2009.

The contract from the US Army Corps of Engineers for cleaning in Mississippi was for $850,000 with an option for another billion dollars.

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