Another Open Letter

Dear Mark Alexander:

We first met as early supporters of Barack Obama in 2007. I like you. You are smart, progressive and articulate on issues. I, of course, respect your right to run against my friend and colleague, Senator Nia Gill, in the upcoming primary.

But I do not like the turn your campaign seems to have taken. As we Democrats hope to elect Senator Barbara Buono our next Governor, and retain majorities in the legislature, it seems to me it is unnecessary, unwise, and unpleasant to read your rather nasty attacks on Senator Gill.

Senator Gill has been and continues to be one of the Senate’s most eloquent spokespersons for our progressive values, whether for marriage equality, civil rights, womens rights or for working families in our state.  She is a remarkable debator and very often leads the Democratic side of the discussion for many of these issues on the floor of the Senate.

She has always supported, and will continue advocating for the health exchanges which the Governor vetoed, and for the expansion of medicaid which is so important for providing working poor families with access to health care. She has been a leading proponent of funding for family planning centers and continues to speak out on these issues.

So Mark, tell the BJ audience what you stand for and why you would be a better Senator. Do it without attacking Nia’s great record for women and for the less fortunate in our state. I look forward to a campaign about issues.

Lets work together for a unified Democratic party in November and to elect Senator Barbara Buono and Democratic majorities in the Legislature.


Loretta Weinberg

Senate Majority Leader

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  1. Bill Orr

    Nia Gill has been a strong advocate for many important issues. Most recently she has sponsored a bill to end credit checks in new NJ hires. In addition to the above, she has been an intelligent opponent against Christie’s wrong-headed Supreme Court appointments, came out early to promote the harm reduction benefits of needle exchange, and has passed essential improvements in the corrections area.

    We need more women in the legislature, particularly progressive ones like her.  

  2. deciminyan

    In an age where many politicians straddle the fence, I applaud Senator Weinberg for taking a position.

    Some may say that it hurts the Democratic Party to publicly air differences like these. I disagree – it’s healthy to have an open and honest debate where voters can hear all sides of the issue.

    There’s no better place for progressive Democrats to have this debate than here on Blue Jersey.

    Personally, I have no preference between Mr. Alexander and Ms. Gill. I’m not in the district, and from what I’ve seen from both the incumbent and challenger, I have a great deal of respect and admiration for both.

    Since Mark Alexander has posted here several times and has been the subject of a Blue Jersey interview, I’d like to openly invite Senator Gill to do the same. The best electorate is an informed electorate.

    Thank you again, Senator Weinberg for your leadership and advocacy.

  3. Rosi Efthim

    is invited to post here herself. I would think she would want to, and I hope she does. Alexander has done so several times and at least twice in my own promotion comments I’ve said we’d like to hear from her, as well.

  4. Senator Loretta Weinberg (Post author)

    does post her own diary. She has a strong voice and beliefs which Blue Jersey should appreciate.


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