24-Bill Gun Package in Assembly – @BlueJersey will live-Tweet

Here are some tools to follow along with the discussion today in the NJ Assembly on an audacious package of gun safety bills proposed by Democrats:

Follow our live-Tweeting coverage of the gun safety hearing in Assembly Law & Public safety – click @BlueJersey.

Follow hashtag #NJSafeGuns and hashtag #NJGunSafety.

Listen Live here to proceedings in the Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee. Hearing is scheduled to begin 10am, but may begin late. Keep refreshing the page until “pending” becomes “listen”. You will need Windows Media Player, and there’s a free download at the bottom of the Legislature’s media page, linked above.

Read more here about the gun safety initiatives proposed today by the Democrats.

Bills are listed here.

Hat/tip Deciminyan for the live-Tweeting.

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  1. deciminyan

    State House reporters are using the hashtag #NJGuns

  2. interested observer

    Deci is doing a great job live tweeting and just sent this along… Wow! Asw McHose cites McCarthyism as a reason to allow those on terror watch list to buy guns. #NJGunSafety #NJAssembly


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