Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Jan. 5-6, 2013

Photos – A son of Camden is welcomed home from Afghanistan

GOP superPACS for other GOP candidates

NJ Department of Education pitches ‘softball’ newsletter to hide knuckleball reforms

  • Teacher Marie Corfield was targeted by StudentsFirst/B4K in her bid for the State Assembly. Why? Because, as this post shows, she’s not afraid to call them as she sees them – like here.
  • Democrats wake up about Rhee.

    Chicks in Congress beat hell out of binders full of women

  • 113th Congress – by the Numbers.

    Outside, secret money likely to flow in 2013

  • But Christie? Politico: “secretive nonprofit supporting New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie” is already spending.

    A “water retention problem”?

  • Muscle-man and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger feels the need to discuss Christie’s girth.

    You’d think so, for the political opportunities, among other things

  • Christie: Sandy will dominate my life well into 2014.

    “Steve Sweeney’s up to something”

  • Mulshine: “Meanwhile, his chances of winning the primary aren’t all that great.”


  • Christie: Silent on the Budget.

  • Shortfall & the millionaires tax: Solving NJ’s budget problem.


  • Resorts Casino & Local 54 of Unite-HERE: One of the longest and most bitter labor disputes in Atlantic City is over.

  • Should lottery winners be kept secret?

  • U.S. adds 155k jobs in December; jobless rate 7.8%. NJ? Much higher: 9.6%.

    Wiz’ call with county chairs

  • Is everybody on the same page? Well …

    Kyrillos and Dick Cheney’s debate coach, Essex DFA loses its homeplace …

  • Cryan’s Beef and Ale House in South Orange, run by the Assemblyman’s brother, closes New Year’s Day, Bradley Campbell on the rise? and more from The Auditor.

    Sandy recovery

  • Christie opposes panel to oversee post-Sandy rebuilding at Shore.

  • Sandy aid first wave passed by Congress, but NJ legislators wary of further delay.

  • In Ortley Beach, no easy choices …

  • Matt Doherty: House leadership “pathetic” for delaying final Sandy relief bill.

  • Shore landlords fear Sandy will hurt summer too.

  • Sea Bright mayor: rest of Sandy relief package needed after first federal $9.7 billion aid bill passed.


  • Bobbing & weaving: Why did he go so easy on Tea Party in Sandy aid squabble? Stile

  • The Record’s Q & A with Christie.

  • Analysis: Christie putting his stamp on New Jersey. Reitmeyer

  • Christie to hold kickoff fundraiser, could mean he won’t accept public financing.

    And still, Christie is silent on resignation, except through Drewniak

  • Stile: Schroeder’s GOP colleagues ready to step up pressure on him to quit.

    Zero tax-increase policies, party-bossism, and sex scandal Try being Medford’s new mayor after that

  • This guy will.
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