Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Jan. 19-20, 2013

Shop carefully: Whole Foods & their historically-inaccurate Obamacare whine

  • Star-Ledger: When execs threaten to cut hours to recoup their health care costs, public backlash often says one of three things: Most customers like the law; they resent employers who retaliate against workers over a law that’s intended to help the country’s poorest workers; or they’re simply tired of the rhetoric. Our guess is all three.

    Annette Quijano visits NJ National Guardsmen returning from Afghanistan deployment to Fort Hood, Texas

  • The Assemblywoman’s group of electeds and businessfolk was organized by NJ Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.

    Guns & Ammo

  • Christie to speak at Feb. 8 Second Amendment Rally in Trenton.

  • GUn rally outside NJ State House draws dozens. Dozens.

    Christie & the GOP

  • Sandy vote shows Gov. Christie’s influence has limits.

  • Chris Christie is playing with fire.

  • Rand Paul: Chris Christie will regret going off on the GOP.

  • Rand Paul smacks Chris Christie.

    Chris Christie v. _______

  • Buono’s candidacy gains attention in NJ gov’s race.

  • A running drama. It was Booker. Now it’s Codey … and several others.

  • Ingle: A coy Dick Codey flirts with a bid for governor.

    Scott Garrett v. Andrew Maguire?

  • Stile: The 3-term Dem congressman may be interested in taking on the Tea Party darling, and is moving back into the district.


  • Christie avoids cities and minorities for town hall meetings, critics say.

    Sandy Recovery

  • Sandy’s trailer park victims barely eking by.

  • Sandy relief is awash in legal and procedural uncertainties.

  • Storm of insurance lawsuits.


  • Camden School Board needs KIPP’s final numbers pronto.

  • Oversight of education dies in NJ.

  • Editorial: Surprise drills, reviews of N.J. school safety procedures are prudent steps.

  • Internet erasing classroom boundaries.

    Obama & Biden

  • Stile: Supporters’ hope is strong as ever as Obama prepares to begin second term.

    The Auditor

  • GTECH and the lottery, South Ward candidate in Newark, Maguire and Garrett, and Torpey’s websites.

    More Editorials

  • Forty years after Roe vs. Wade, abortion should be safe and legal — not inaccessible.

  • Obama’s gun proposal isn’t such a long shot.

  • Restore funds to help victims of domestic violence.
  • Comments (6)

    1. firstamend07

      From here on out Christie will be walking a fine line.

      His Republican foes on the national level will be egging him on to see if he will react to their attacks. They know,as does Christie,that ” moderation” plays well in NJ butNOT in GOP primaries.

      If Christie does not respond to Paul then the attacks will continue. If he does respond to Paul and takes a conservative tilt,then NJ Democrats will ( or should) call him on it.

      Christie has been able to control his message in NJ. But will he be able to continue while at thesame time ” run right” nationally?

      Christie has entered a whole ne ballgame.  

    2. Bill Orr

      please stand up.  First he appoints a moderate-sounding task force (which may just be blowing smoke) and then he is announced as a speaker at a pro-gun second amendment rally.  

    3. ken bank

      According to Politicker NJ Bill Pascrell is reconsidering his decision not to run for Governor based on offers of support from labor unions. This is getting ridiculous. These clowns keep saying they won’t run unless they’re 100% sure, but how can they be 100% sure when they can’t make up their minds? Is this supposed to be decisive leadership?

      Barbara Buono looks better and better everyday. She’s hungry, decisive, knows what she wants and how to get it, she’s young, energetic, represents a swing legislative district, what more can Democrats want? I’ll bet Christie is hoping Buono is not the candidate. She’ll definitely exceed expectations, just like another State Senator from Middlesex County did in 1997 when a youthful Jim McGreevey came close to defeating a popular Republican incumbent by only a few thousand votes.

    4. 12mileseastofTrenton

      And Rick Nolan won a seat in Minnesota last year after being out of office since 1980.


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