Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Jan. 12-13, 2013

Run, muskrats, run.

Homeless people forced from Paterson encampment

  • Makeshift homes, made of found materials, were broken up with axes and saws as a community of about 15 men living along the Passaic River were evicted and dispersed. They worried about the wild cats and kittens they kept fed, wondering who would take care of them now, and why their own homes were being taken. Some of them had been living there 10 years. There were no reports of incidents or the men bothering anyone.

    Will Christie ride Sandy to re-election? and more Christie

  • Dodging questions that aren’t about Sandy, and employing the fleece as a ‘permanent campaign raiment’.

  • Even before Hurricane Sandy struck, the Christie administration was fast-tracking a no-bid contract that could pay a politically connected company up to $100M to clean up wreckage left by natural disasters in New Jersey.

  • Wanted: Daring Democrat for Christie Challenge.

    John Burzichelli

  • Popular South Jersey Democrat could be next Assembly Speaker.

    Bob Ingle looks for meaning in NJ Democratic gaffes

  • Meh.

    Human Trafficking Awareness Day

  • What was said this week at the Trenton rally.

  • In reality, it’s slavery.


  • Lautenberg aides deny report that senator has decided to step down.

  • Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver stirs up field with potential Senate run.

  • Booker creates campaign committee to explore U.S. Senate run.

  • The shadow campaign between Booker and Lautenberg just went into full swing, even if the real matchup may never happen.

    Sandy Recovery

  • What its critics say is tucked into the Sandy aid package coming for vote this week.

  • What caused the Meadowlands deluge?


  • Our property taxes went up 1.7% last year.

  • Trenton’s other frank politician, Sweeney, on the income tax cut & Christie’s budget.

  • Work on American Dream expected to resume.

  • Whelan wants to waive tolls for buses that visit Atlantic City regularly.

    The Auditor

  • Sweeney’s safety fist-bumps, the fleece (again), where Buono found staff, and more.
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