Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Jan. 26-27, 2013

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Can Buono Win?

  • There is a serious case to be made that the best way to beat Chris Christie is to run a woman against him.

    Facebook Likes Chris Christie

  • If Christie runs for president will Zuckerberg help the campaign by making Facebook user data available for messaging and get out the vote efforts?

    Booker: Gun control issue is “tiring”

  • Cory Booker, once firm on firearms, now gun-shy about weapons ban.

    Gun Violence Rally – Speeches by people who don’t find the issue “tiring”

  • Frank Pallone.

  • Sheila Oliver.

  • Loretta Weinberg.

  • Barbara Buono.

  • About the Rally for Gun Control.

  • Joe Cryan.

    Sen. Robert Menendez is about to assume a more powerful role in Washington

  • The likely next chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

  • Menendez sharply rebukes GOP Sen. Jeff Flake on Cuba at Senate Foreign Relations.


  • Long-shot Buono could be Dems’ best bet.

  • Ocean County Dems endorse Buono.

  • Pallone to endorse Buono for N.J. governor, report says.

  • NJ Dems fear Christie landslide could sweep away legislature.

  • With Codey out, some N.J. Democrats worried about race against Christie.


  • Stile: Morris Plains GOP assemblyman touted for U.S. Senate run in 2014.

    Passaic County Dems lead county parties in fundraising in 2012

  • More than $700k.

    Sandy Recovery

  • Mulshine: Crackpot libertarianism at the beach.

  • Sandy’s neediest victims: Displaced, downtrodden in NJ.

  • Battered boats: Sandy’s wrath hit N.J. maritime industry hard.

    A chat with Rutgers American Studies professor Michael Aaron Rockland

  • Writer, chronicler (sometimes) of NJ history, cultural affairs attaché, former “dean of hassles” at Rutgers, and professor over 4 decades.


  • Jazzman: Aftermath of the Newark Teachers Contract.

  • Teacher Evaluation: Getting It Right Takes Time.


  • Get ready to pay more to use that credit card.

  • American Dream mall at Meadowlands could miss Super Bowl at MetLife.

    The Auditor

  • Booker’s new hire, ruined HQs of Jersey Shore enviro offices, BurlCo Republicans, and more from the Auditor.
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    1. ken bank

      I read the article and thought Booker made some valid points. He reiterated his support for a weaqpons ban and all the other measures porposed by Obama. His point was that even adopting all these measures would not significantly reduce gun violence. For example, he pointed out that in Newark last year there were 94 gun related homicides, of which only three involved assault weapons. Even with an effective weapons ban, 91 people would still be dead. Yes, gun control save lives and should be adopted, but we need to be realistic that if we repealed the second amendment tomorrow and banned every conceivable type of weapon, people will still find ways to kill each other.

      I understand how Cory Booker feels. It has to be “tiring” and frustrating to see the violence on a daily basis and realize that if every gun control bill was passed very little will actually change. I noticed that most of the featured speakers at yesterday’s rally were politicians who, taken together, probably never spent one-tenth the amount of time as Cory Booker has on the streets of New Jersey’s most dangerous city. Maybe if they did they might be just as “tired” and frustrated as Cory Booker.


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