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By now you might have heard that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is hosting a high-dollar fundraiser for Governor Chris Christie in California in a few weeks.

So, its up to all of us in New Jersey – who know the real Chris Christie – to show Zuckerberg exactly who he is aligning with. Tomorrow, let’s spread the word about Christie’s real record by tweeting some thoughts and facts under the hashtag #UnfriendChristie.

Like we all did holding Chrsitie’s feet to the fire during his RNC speech by getting the hashtag #ChristieFacts to trend, let’s try and really get the word out there tomorrow, as well.  It’s up to us.

We must speak up loudly about how Christie has turned his back on the middle-class and working families, while unemployment hovers around 10% and New Jersey residents suffered a gigantic net jump in property taxes since Christie took office – at one point reaching 20%. In case you need some info on Christie, please check out our “Christie By-The-Numbers” page, and an old New Jersey Report Card ,as well as some of our recent press releases and op-eds.

Tell Mark Zuckerberg to #UnfriendChristie:

Does Zuckerberg “like” stopping people from marrying the ones they love?

*Christie is the sole reason that NJ does not have marriage equality.  He vetoed it…and has pledged to veto it again every time it comes across his desk

Does Zuckerberg “like” stopping people from earning a living wage?

*Just this week, Christie vetoed a bill that would have increased NJ’s minimum wage $1.25 to $8.50…instead saying he wants to bump it up a measly 25 cents.

Does Zuckerberg “like” vetoing women’s health funding?

*Christie vetoed women’s health funding…Four times.

Does Zuckerberg “like” having the Koch Brothers call the shots?

*Christie spoke at the Koch Bros secret confab in Colorado

Does Zuckerberg “like” that Christie fundraised & campaigned for Right-Wing Congressmembers who voted against Sandy aid?

*Just this Fall, Christie campaigned for Steve King, Susan Brooks, Ann Wagner, Tom Latham and V.P. candidate Paul Ryan….all of whom just voted against Sandy aid for New Jersey.

Does Zuckerberg “like” sticking his head in the sand on climate change?

*Christie pulled New Jersey out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative…and allowed corporate polluters to rewrite the rules governing them.

Does Zuckerberg “like” failing on jobs?

*Under Christie, New Jersey has chronically trailed the rest of America when it comes to jobs…with unemployment hovering at 10%

Does Zuckerberg “like” stopping middle-class families from affording college?

*Tuition at New Jersey Colleges and universities spiked under Christie…while Christie cut funding for low-income students.

Does Zuckerberg “like” 1% priorities?

*Christie turned his back on New Jersey’s middle-class & working families…while giving handouts to casino moguls, bailouts to mall developers and calling for borrowing money the state doesn’t have to subsidize a tax cut for multi-millionaires.

There’s no better way for this to spread virally than to take to twitter and make your point under the hashtag #UnfriendChristie. Heck, do a few tweets – because there are more than enough facts to open Zuckerberg’s eyes to.

Now, I always thought Myspace was branded as the right-wing social networking site after Rupert Murdoch purchased it, but now Facebook, too?  Guess we better keep our eye on Friendster next.

Then again, perhaps Zuckerberg only knows about Christie from his carefully cultivated national image. But as noted above, the truth is that Christie’s out-of-the mainstream ideals and policies fly in the face of the narrative he’s conjured up via his manufactured youtube moments, softball network interviews and puff piece packages on the national news.  Let’s show the world the truth about Christie’s record of misplaced priorities and failures.

Does Zuckerberg Support Christie’s New Jersey Record of Misplaced Priorities & Failures:

NJ’s unemployment hovers at 10% – and has consistently trailed the rest of America for the entirety of Christie’s reign

• NJ was just named the Number One state people are moving out of

• Yahoo Financial ranked NJ among the 5 worst-run states in America

• NJ’s state economy ranks 47th

• NJ residents suffered a gigantic net jump in property taxes since Christie took office – at one point reaching 20%.

• NJ’s business climate slipped to 41st

• As rates nationally have fallen to their lowest levels since 2008, NJ now has the 2nd highest percentage of mortgage loans in foreclosure in the nation

• NJ commuters are dealing with higher train tickets, bus fares & tolls

• 55% of NJ highways are in poor or mediocre condition.

• 35% of NJ bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete

Tomorrow, let’s keep up the fight for middle-class families in New Jersey…and throughout the country….by showing Mark Zuckerberg who he’s raising money for.  #UnFriendChristie

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  1. Jeff Gardner

    But I say: Friends don’t let friends veto equality.


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