TGIF News Roundup & Open Thread for Jan. 25, 2013

Hey, Facebook. You suck. You too, Mark Zuckerberg

  • Zuckerberg to host fundraiser in his home for Chris Christie.  

  • Chris Christie and Mark Zuckerberg’s fundraiser perks.

  • What Zuckerberg and Christie have in common.


  • Sussex County Dems form women’s caucus. First item of business, endorsed Barbara Buono.


  • Lautenberg says says Cory Booker ‘has a lot of work to do’ in Newark.

  • A younger Booker worried his race would overshadow his achievements.

    Norcross’ Cooper Health System pays $12.6 to settle allegations of kickbacks

  • The settlement follows a joint federal-state investigation into financial ties between Cooper Heart Institute in Camden, the Cooper Heart Institute Advisory Board and physicians who served on the advisory board. Cooper agreed to pay the feds $10.2M, the state $2.3M in the joint settlement, plus attorney’s fees of $430k to a whistleblower, Haddonfield cardiologist Dr. Nicholas DePace.

    No monitor for medical marijuana – but judge allows lawsuit to continue

  • A Superior Court judge refused a request from two patients, one now dead, to appoint a monitor to supervise the state’s stalled medical marijuana program, but sent the case to the Appellate Division.

    Sandy Recovery

  • NJ Democrats, anticipating fraud, want monitors for Sandy aid.

  • Senate sets Sandy aid vote for Monday.

  • Report: N.J. issued 1,200 registrations to out-of-state contractors for post-Sandy cleanup.

  • Christie to shore homeowners: You may have to raise your house.


  • Advocacy group: NJ’s jobs incentives are “jobs fraud”.

  • Analyst: Online gambling could save Atlantic City.

  • Who has time for the flu? How to fight illness with smart policy.


  • Blasts Sweeney over Senate delay of his Supreme Court nominees.

  • Our Teflon Governor.
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      Perfect together!

    2. BillyMuckraker

      Given that Zuck is about the same as I me, I have no problem saying that he’s a complete tool.

      It’s particularly entertaining when private school snots like him think public schools are oh, so, so bad and that somehow its because we can’t fire teachers and not because we have some stunningly poor districts (as a result of suburbanization and white flight) where many students live in substandard housing in crime ridden neighborhoods (caused by white flight and suburbanization).

      Christie and Zuck can have each other.  


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