TGIF News Roundup & Open Thread for Jan. 11, 2013

And then there was one (still)

  • Bill Pascrell ‘Not Pursuing’ Run Against Chris Christie.

  • Sweeney: Dems close to finding a consensus candidate, says he himself would be “strong candidate”.

    “I couldn’t betray my true feelings. I was disgusted by gays. The thought of two men kissing each other was about as appealing as a frontal lobotomy.”

  • Cory Booker Wrestled With His Own Homophobia.

  • Here is what Booker wrote in The Stanford Daily, April 8, 1992.

    A Different Governor, Party and State

  • What did Andrew Cuomo do in his post-Sandy State of the State that Chris Christie did not?


  • The House Christie Built. Henne

  • Is Christie abandoning his true base? New Republic (corrected)

  • 2016 poll: Hillary and Christie tied. Politico

    Sandy Recovery

  • Look what people have been sending to Midway Beach, to help shore up the dunes.

  • Sandy by the Numbers (update).

    2 Glouco employees sue county over social-media policy

  • Their federal suit charges that the social-media policy the county adopted has a chilling effect on their First Amendment right to free speech.

    Asbury Park Press selling its HQ in Neptune

  • “Ongoing strategic transformation”.

    Time for a Progressive Movement in Hudson County

  • Why Peter Basso is running for Assembly in LD33.

    Gun debate escalates in Washington & NJ

  • We should by now be able to expect something more, and more specific from Senate President Steve Sweeney on this issue.

  • Gun buyback program coming in Trenton this month, AG says.

  • Assemblyman Caputo suggests installing silent alarms in schools.

  • NRA Gun Control Crusade Reflects Firearms Industry Financial Ties.

    Where Steve Rothman landed

  • Rothman’s Capitol Hill experience will be a big plus in his new job.


  • Rate Counsel urges utilities to take cost/benefit approach on grid upgrades.

  • Audit shows state missed 2012 revenue projections by $288M.

  • AC gambling revenue stays on a 6-year skid.

  • Expand Medicaid.

  • What’s Christie going to do on Medicaid? TPM

    Maybe now Schroeder will get the hint?

  • Leadership post: gone. Committee assignments: going. Schroeder has donated over $425K to GOP campaigns, including that of Chris Christie since 2001, so it’s no surprise they want him to go away quietly.

    Sweeney is Dems’ Rocky Balboa

  • More on the Senate President’s chat with The Record’s editorial board.
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      “I’ve searched all around for the best candidate, and guess what?  It’s me.”

    2. JCpolitico

      The article on Christie abandoning his base is misidentified as a National Review article. Just thought I would point that out.


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