Sweeney Apology/Is it Enough

Sometimes you wish you could just hit the ” rewind ” button!

Sweeney  said the governor “prayed a lot and got lucky a storm came,” focusing attention away from the state’s other problems and creating jobs through the storm reconstruction. Sweeney immediately apologized for the remark – “I shouldn’t say that; I apologize for saying that,” he said.

An apology must be judged on whether those apologized to believe it to be sincere. If it is judged to be sincere then all should move on.

This site has many Sweeney critics. But one thing Sweeney has never been accused of is being insensitive to those in need.

Christie and some Republicans might be having some fun at Sweeney’s expense today but when it comes to being insensitive to those who are in need they better not go to far and open up a can of worms on this ” insensitive” issue.

Sweeney misspoke and  was not too big to apologize.

That should be enough.  

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  1. vmars

    Is that this is the same tripe the right wing trotted out about Obama — He was so lucky that Sandy hit and killed Romney’s (non existent) momentum!

    That said, Sweeney caught it right away, looked embarrassed and later apologized. Good for him.

    No one on the right did.

  2. ken bank

    All the apologies and all the mea culpas can’t put Steve Sweeney back together again. He’s through, all washed up. Oh sure, he’ll stay on as Senate President after Chris Christie is re-elected as long as he follows orders from his boss, George Norcross, but his viability as a gubernatorial candidate is as credible as Mark Sanchez is the starting quarterback for the Jets. That’s because none of the powers that be in Central and North Jersey will endorse this clown who puts his foot in his mouth more often than Bob Schroeder writes bad checks.

  3. ken bank

    . . . he’s still political roadkill any way you label it.  

  4. deciminyan

    Sweeney realized he misspoke. He apologized immediately. He didn’t try to spin it. But the GOP is blowing it out of proportion, as they usually do.

    I don’t always agree with Steve Sweeney or FA07, but I admire Sweeney’s courage and honesty in his reversal of his position on marriage equality as well as his immediate recognition of culpability in his Sandy comment.

    I hope Sweeney decides not to run for Governor, because that will insure four more years of Christie. But he’s a good public servant, and I hope his position on public sector unions “evolve” as he sees the damage that his unholy alliance with the governor on this issue causes.

    And while I won’t get into an endless tirade with Bertin, let me just say that his comments here are childish and inappropriate, and if anyone should apologize, it should be Bertin. Such comments don’t belong on Blue Jersey and serve no useful purpose.


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