Sweeney Apology/Is it Enough

Sometimes you wish you could just hit the ” rewind ” button!

Sweeney  said the governor “prayed a lot and got lucky a storm came,” focusing attention away from the state’s other problems and creating jobs through the storm reconstruction. Sweeney immediately apologized for the remark – “I shouldn’t say that; I apologize for saying that,” he said.

An apology must be judged on whether those apologized to believe it to be sincere. If it is judged to be sincere then all should move on.

This site has many Sweeney critics. But one thing Sweeney has never been accused of is being insensitive to those in need.

Christie and some Republicans might be having some fun at Sweeney’s expense today but when it comes to being insensitive to those who are in need they better not go to far and open up a can of worms on this ” insensitive” issue.

Sweeney misspoke and  was not too big to apologize.

That should be enough.  

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  1. vmars

    Is that this is the same tripe the right wing trotted out about Obama — He was so lucky that Sandy hit and killed Romney’s (non existent) momentum!

    That said, Sweeney caught it right away, looked embarrassed and later apologized. Good for him.

    No one on the right did.

  2. ken bank

    All the apologies and all the mea culpas can’t put Steve Sweeney back together again. He’s through, all washed up. Oh sure, he’ll stay on as Senate President after Chris Christie is re-elected as long as he follows orders from his boss, George Norcross, but his viability as a gubernatorial candidate is as credible as Mark Sanchez is the starting quarterback for the Jets. That’s because none of the powers that be in Central and North Jersey will endorse this clown who puts his foot in his mouth more often than Bob Schroeder writes bad checks.

  3. ken bank

    . . . he’s still political roadkill any way you label it.  

  4. deciminyan

    Sweeney realized he misspoke. He apologized immediately. He didn’t try to spin it. But the GOP is blowing it out of proportion, as they usually do.

    I don’t always agree with Steve Sweeney or FA07, but I admire Sweeney’s courage and honesty in his reversal of his position on marriage equality as well as his immediate recognition of culpability in his Sandy comment.

    I hope Sweeney decides not to run for Governor, because that will insure four more years of Christie. But he’s a good public servant, and I hope his position on public sector unions “evolve” as he sees the damage that his unholy alliance with the governor on this issue causes.

    And while I won’t get into an endless tirade with Bertin, let me just say that his comments here are childish and inappropriate, and if anyone should apologize, it should be Bertin. Such comments don’t belong on Blue Jersey and serve no useful purpose.

  5. firstamend07 (Post author)

    What is really “comical” is when some of the ” lefties” on this site start attacking a Legislator who has actually helped pass a lot of legislation that has helped the working men and women of this State.

    The venom towards State Senator Sweeney from some on this site rivals the blog postings of some of the  rights wingnuts.

    Radical progressives will never win in this State. Moderates win in this State. Sweeney is a moderate who has led the fight for Paid Family Leave, minimum wage,PLA’s, reasonable pension and health plan reform, while being the ONLY person to control Chris Christie from a very right wing agenda.

    …and you call him a ” clown”?

    Maybe it is time you and some of your radical left friends looked in the mirror to view the real clowns.      

  6. vmars

    Sanchez will be the starting quarterback for the Jets next year.  They aren’t high enough in the draft to get a great college kid who can start right away, the only other QB out there is Alex Smith who isn’t such an upgrade, and Sanchez is owed boatloads of money that applies to the cap.

  7. Bertin Lefkovic

    This would be a good opportunity for Sweeney to announce that he is not running for Governor in 2013 as the Democratic gubernatorial nominee should not be a complete and total idiot.  If Barbara Buono, Dick Codey, or Bill Pascrell, Jr. does not defeat Chris Christie this November, Sweeney can run in four years.

    Since being State Senator/Senate President is a part-time job, I would strongly recommend that he uses his free time over the next four years wisely by enrolling in one of our state’s fine colleges and universities (if any will accept him) and getting himself an education.

    Considering the potential impact that our state’s Governor has on education in general and higher education in particular, I think that it would be a good idea for a gubernatorial candidate to have one. The school of hard knocks and the corrupt power wielded by George Norcross will only get someone so far.

    If Sweeney knows how to use a computer, he does not even have to attend any classes in a traditional brick-and-mortar academic environment, where he would probably embarrass himself on a regular basis.  Thomas Edison State College has excellent, exclusively online programs.

    The Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University, the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics at Rider University, and the Monmouth University Polling Institute are all excellent schools, but something tells me that Sweeney would not be able to muster the SAT scores or the high school GPA (Did he graduate high school or get a GED at the very least?) to be accepted at any of them since they actually have standards.

    Maybe he could talk to his good buddy, George Norcross, and ask him to get him into Rowan University, which must not have any standards if it is willing to have anything to do with Norcross. That said, Stevie, honorary degrees don’t count, so don’t even think about bullying a school into giving you one of those, because in your case, it would not be worth the paper that it is written upon.

  8. ken bank

    If Sweeney is sincere in his apology let him atone by immediately withdrawing from the race, throw his support behind Buono (which will effectively deter Codey from getting into the race), and unite the party going into the general election.

    Sweeney is damaged goods and a loose cannon. He is a menace to himself and the party. He can continue to function as an effective Senate President, but his prospects of getting elected to statewide office are as viable as Steve Lonegan becoming Mayor of Newark.

  9. vmars

    is that Sweeney can misstate something, or state something he should not have said, and the media covers the GOP “outrage” festival.

    But Christie curses out a teacher, blasts a veteran, calls school-children terrorists and the media still covers Christie like a returning hero.

  10. Bertin Lefkovic

    I know that you won’t get into an endless tirade with me, but if you are going to insult me or my comments, please be specific as to what comments you are referring to?  Did you take offense to me calling the Senate President an idiot?  Maybe that was too harsh, especially to idiots.  Would uneducated fool have been a more appropriate description?

    Are you bothered by my opinion that elected officials should have a modicum of education?  If so, please defend that position.  I understand that most members of labor unions have more vocational and technical education than traditional education, but when a union decides to take a worker and pull him away from his chosen field of work and make her or him a labor leader, they have a responsibility to the wo/men who that person will be representing to educate her or him accordingly so that s/he can be an effective advocate.

    When that person is going to pursue an elected office, s/he has a personal responsibility to educate herself or himself sufficiently so that s/he doesn’t embarrass herself or himself and his or her constituents.  It is bad enough that our state’s political machines place a greater degree of emphasis on loyalty than on ideology, but when they elevate uneducated fools like Sweeney to the leadership position that he now holds and possibly even higher offices, based solely on his personal relationship with George Norcross, it was only a matter of time before he was going to do or say something really stupid like this, assuming for a moment that it was an act of stupidity and not an act of sabotage.

    So no, I will not be apologizing to Sweeney anytime soon for what I have written about him here.  I do not begrudge you, deciminyan, your willingness to defend the indefensible.  You have your reasons to take the positions that you do and I have mine.  I don’t question yours despite how questionable they are.  Please extend to me the same respect that I extend to you.

  11. firstamend07 (Post author)

    Christie ” the guy” is fun to cover.

    But Christie” the elected official” must be held accountable.

    It is time to split the ” guy” from the ” elected official”.

    I like Romney as a person, but I would never vote for him.

    That MUST BE the new message!

    Christie is a ” cool ” person to shootthe shit with but as an elected officail he has failed this State.  

  12. deciminyan

    I never met him, but I suspect I would not even like Romney as a person.

  13. denniscmcgrath
  14. Rosi Efthim

    I’d rather have a beer with George W. Bush.

    No, wait.  

  15. Rosi Efthim

    What does atoning for that remark – which I will point out to you was yes, a big mistake, but said against Christie and not still-suffering hurricane victims – have to do with not running for governor?

    Sweeney’s entitled to criticize Christie, and you’re entitled to criticize Sweeney. But I can’t follow your logic that the full remark somehow requires him to choose not to run for governor.  

  16. Bertin Lefkovic

    What Sweeney did was either a singular act of gross stupidity, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that his lack of education makes him unfit for statewide or any other elected office, or a brilliant act of sabotage, less to his own gubernatorial ambitions, which he might have always been four years away from pursuing, but more to those of Barbara Buono and Dick Codey, whose candidacies have been stained by his remark and their unwise decision to not join Christie in harshly criticizing Sweeney.

    I think that any of us who have been following NJ politics long enough know that if Buono or Codey had said what Sweeney said, Sweeney and the entire Norcross political machine would have gone into full blown attack mode both for the purpose of distancing themselves from what was said, but also to do as much damage as possible to the person’s campaign who said it.

    I am willing to allow for the possibility that Sweeney is serious about being willing to make peace with either Buono or Codey for the sake of party unity and the safety and security of Democratic majorities in the Assembly and Senate, but I think that it is as likely if not moreso that he is trying to engineer a primary election between Buono and Codey and a general election victory for Christie that would maintain the status quo in Trenton going forward sans Buono and Codey.

    Either way, Sweeney is not a serious gubernatorial candidate and he should be shown the door ASAP so that the legitimate candidates can make their decisions and this election season can proceed.

  17. Rosi Efthim

    And try to make your points without insulting people. There’s a little more latitude when it comes to how elected officials and public figures are characterized, but if you didn’t so often flirt with Rule #1 around here – “Don’t be an asshole.” – you wouldn’t find yourself characterized in ways you don’t like.

    We warn people before we ban them, and we ban very infrequently. Don’t want to ban you. That may take some self-control on your part.

  18. denniscmcgrath
  19. Rosi Efthim

    Oh, so would I. I doubt we’d agree on much. But he’s an obviously more intelligent and accomplished person than his son, the recipient of entirely too much family largesse.  

  20. Bertin Lefkovic

    In your roundabout way, you are calling me an asshole, because I called Sweeney an idiot, which I later changed to uneducated fool.  How is that not hypocritical on your part?

    Name-calling aside, I am making a very simple and straightforward argument, which is that Steve Sweeney, as a result of his lack of education, is unqualified for the elected office and leadership position that he currently holds and any statewide office that he might aspire to and the only reason that he is where is he is and is going wherever he is going is because of his relationship with Norcrossippi political machine boss, George Norcross.

    This gross lack of qualification was exhibited by his recent statement about Christie and Sandy.  I cannot remember the last time that an elected official said something so dumb about something that has impacted so many people.  The fact that he quickly realized how dumb this statement was and apologized is irrelevant compared to the simple fact that it should not have been said at all and that any other elected official who is not best friends with a political machine boss and has had to work hard to get where they are would never have said such a thing.

    So I will refrain from name-calling if you can, Rosi, since it is clear that my decision to do this has distracted from my larger argument or at the very least has made it very easy for you and deciminyan to criticize those choices and completely ignore something that we should all be willing and able to recognize, which is how grossly unqualified Steve Sweeney is for his elected office and leadership position.

  21. firstamend07 (Post author)

    I think your name calling is horrible and you deserve a ” time out”!


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