Speaker Boehner to New York and New Jersey: Drop Dead

I’m watching the House tonight as The Republican leadership and Speaker Boehner abandons the Sandy Relief bill, refusing to allow a vote. Both Republicans and Democrats are denouncing him.

I’m as angry as I’ve ever been at politics.

Ps. Florida’s Marco Rubio can go to hell too.  

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  1. vmars

    In the Lying Liars file: Boehner’s spokesman said only that, “The Speaker is committed to getting this bill passed this month.”

    This month?  People are hurting TODAY and need help TODAY.  

    And if Boehner brought this bill to the floor, it would pass TODAY.

    He is obstructing democracy, and it’s time for “moderate” Republicans in the House to caucus with the Democrats and pick a new leader.  They can go back when their party regains its sanity.


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