South Jersey Democrats Open Letter Endorsing Barbara Buono for Governor

Today, South Jersey Democrats combined forces to produce an ‘open letter’ of support for Senator Barbara Buono as a candidate for Governor against Chris Christie:

Full letter and signers, below the fold:

Today,  we  are  proud  to  announce  the  endorsement  of  State  Senator  Barbara  Buono  for  Governor  from  both,   the  entire  South  Jersey  Democratic  State  Legislative Delegation  and  all  seven  Democratic  county  party  chairs.     Together,  we  are  committed  to  tirelessly  fight  to  elect  Barbara  Buono  as  our  next  Governor  because  she  has   the  proven  track  record  to  stand  up  for  middle-­‐class  families  and  the  most  vulnerable  in  our  society.        

Barbara  Buono  has  a  distinguished  record  of  service  during  the  past  decade  in  the  New  Jersey  State  Senate.     As  Chairwoman  of  the  Senate  Budget  and  Appropriations Committee,  she  fought  to  make  government  more fiscally  responsible  by  cutting  $4.5  billion  from  the  state  budget,  while  protecting  critically  needed  resources   for  health care  and  our  schools.    In  the  most  trying  of  economic  times,  Barbara  Buono  has  been  a  strong  voice   for  New  Jersey  families  struggling  with  their  own  economic security  to  help  spark  job  creation  and  eliminate   corporate  giveaways,  along  with  special  tax  breaks  for  multi-­‐millionaires.    

Four  more  years  of  Chris  Christie  would  be  four  more  years  of  protecting  multi-­‐millionaires,  denying  women   access  to  critical  life-­‐saving  healthcare  services,  rising unemployment,  no  relief  for  overburdened  property   taxpayers  and  the  most  vulnerable  in  society  being  trampled  by  failed  policies.    Not  only  is  Barbara  Buono   uniquely  qualified  to  serve  as  our  next  Governor,  but  also  she  has  the  vision  and  drive  desperately  needed  to  get  New  Jersey  working  again.  

Stephen  M.  Sweeney                

NJ  State  Senate  President

Louis  D.  Greenwald    

NJ  State  Assembly  Majority  Leader      

Additional  South  Jersey  Endorsements  

Senator  Jeff  Van  Drew    

Senator  Jim  Whelan  

Senator  Fred  H.  Madden  (Gloucester  County  Democratic  Party  Chairman)  

Senator  Donald  Norcorss  (Camden  County  Democratic  Party  Co-­‐Chair)  

Senator  Jim  Beach  (Camden  County  Democratic  Party  Co-­‐Chair)    

Assemblyman  Nelson  T.  Albano  

Assemblyman  Matthew  W.  Milam  

Assemblyman  John  J.  Burzichelli  

Assemblywoman  Celeste  M.  Riley  

Assemblyman  Paul  D.  Moriarty  

Assemblywoman  Gabriela  M.  Mosquera  

Assemblyman  Angel  Fuentes  

Assemblyman  Gilbert  L.  “Whip”  Wilson  

Assemblywoman  Pamela  R.  Lampitt  

Assemblyman  Herb  Conaway,  Jr.,  M.D.  

Assemblyman  Troy  Singleton

South Jersey Democratic Chairs

Atlantic  County  Democratic  Party  Chairman  Jim  Schroeder  

Burlington  County  Democratic  Party  Chairman  Joseph  Andl  

Cape  May  County  Democratic  Party  Chairman  James  Pickering,  Esq.  

Cumberland  County  Democratic  Party  Co-­‐Chairs  Bob  Balicki & Doug  Long  

Salem  County  Democratic Party Chairman Steven Caltabiano  

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