Senator Barbara Buono

Senator Barbara Buono is the only Democrat who has declared her intent to run for Governor this year. Yet, the mainstream media and her own party seem to be looking beyond her candidacy for a more conventional politician to take up the charge.

As I wrote last week, the truth is that Barbara Buono has the best chance of pulling off the political upset of the decade. Thanks to the Democratic leadership, she’s a Trenton “outsider” and provides the clearest contrast to the policies of Governor Christie. She brings the women’s vote to the table, not because of her gender, but because of her advocacy for issues that are important to women and to the men who are also concerned about these issues. In a state with exactly zero women in our congressional delegation, a woman in Drumthwacket helps alleviate this unevenness in the halls of power.

I met with Senator Buono in Metuchen this morning to discuss the campaign and how she would govern the state if she moves from the Senate wing into the big office.

Disclosure: I have contributed to the Buono campaign. But not as much as the Koch Brothers have contributed to Chris Christie.

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  1. toaonua

    …and the rest of the state Demcratic leadership gets behind her, because Senator Buono is a fine candidate to take on Governor Christie.

  2. firstamend07

    Nice person, but…….

    She will never win. However, if she can prove that she can keep her defeat under 10 % points then Democratic leadership might have her run unopposed and take on Christie.

    Right now that is not something she can prove.

    Still think she is better positioned as an LG candidate to either Pascrell,Sweeney,or Codey.

    This State will become Wisconsin if the Democrats can’t ” beatthe spread” and retain both the State Senate and the Assembly.

    Sometimes politics is about winning and sometimes it is about holding the fort.

    Right now Buono can’t even hold the fort.  

  3. deciminyan (Post author)

    If Democrats approach this election in a half-hearted manner, they deserve to lose. I, for one, would be very disappointed if Chris Christie is given another four years to tromp all over the poor and middle-class citizens of New Jersey. And as I explained last week, Barbara Buono has a better chance of pulling an upset than any of the other contenders.

    As she says in the interview, her plan to overcome Christie’s tremendous monetary advantage is to get the grass roots involved and bring her message (and the truth about Christie) directly to the people. That’s a lot of hard work. I’m willing to help, and I hope other Democrats get on board.

    Barbara Buono has a tough hill to climb, but it can be done. On a smaller scale, here in Burlington County, the incumbent Republican Freeholders had a 9 to 1 money advantage, but the Democratic challengers tromped them. How? By getting tons of volunteers to go door to door and get out the Democratic vote. That can work in New Jersey if we are all willing to make the effort. Conceding this election to Christie is not an option.


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