Presidential Inaugural Day of Service: Opening Sandy Hook, Opening the Shore — Help this Weekend

Update from the Organizers:

Unfortunately, the site for Sandy Hook is full, so please arrive only with the numbers that you registered for.  Anyone you know that is interested in volunteering at Sandy Hook, but was unable to secure a spot for this Saturday should stay in touch with Waves of Action at For the Shore, and also with Gateway National Park on their facebook page here – there will be many opportunities to get out and clean up Sandy Hook in the near future!

There is also a beach sweep with Clean Ocean action in nearby Keansburg, on Saturday from 10am – 2pm…

and a number of beach and community cleanups throughout coastal Monmouth County on Saturday as well.


This Saturday, January 19th, you can help with the restoration of Sandy Hook which helps directly with the recovery of NJ Shore jobs and businesses.

Volunteer to clean up the woods & marshes of Sandy Hook & help your neighbors.

For centuries, Sandy Hook has stood as the gateway to the NJ Shore. While it’s position at the entrance to NY Harbor assured it’s use as a military garrison, as the oldest working Light House in the United States and as a place of science and exploration, in recent decades it has become a major destination for summer surf and sand as well as year-round hiking, biking, kayaking, bird and seal watching.  Thousands of businesses and thousands of workers in Northern Monmouth County depend on Sandy Hook being open every summer for their livelihoods.

The nearby Bayshore communities of Highlands, Leonardo, Belford, Port Monmouth, Keansburg, Union Beach and Keyport were among the hardest hit communities during and after Superstorm Sandy and are filled with primary homes, not secondary residences. These are working class communities filled with locally owned businesses and local people who work hard year round making  the NJ Shore one of the most desirable places to live and vacation in the country.

As part of the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Day of Service up to 400 volunteers will help clean up the woods and marshes along Sandy Hook Bay. Clean Ocean Action and the Presidential Inaugural Service Committee have organized this event to help get Sandy Hook restored for the summer. The Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce and the NJ Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau have also been busy recruiting volunteers and turning people out.  

British Troops entered and exited from Sandy Hook during the American Revolution, The U.S. Army’s elite Coast Artillery Corps had a major garrison on Sandy Hook and during the Cold War Nike Missiles were located on Sandy Hook. Marconi’s first commercially reliable wireless transatlantic transmissions were sent from the Highlands above Sandy Hook. Henry Hudson entered the estuary in the 17th Century and farms and fishing were established in the area soon thereafter. This area has long been a hub of commerce, science and exploration and is now dependent on seasonal businesses.

Sandy Hook and The Bayshore is the gateway to the NJ Shore and could use your help and a lot of TLC.

Sign-up to volunteer this weekend.

In the interests of disclosure, which seems to becoming an increasing issue in the Blue Jersey community, I am a volunteer and not employed by any of these organizations.

I am employed though on a Rutgers Research Project: “Post-Sandy Recovery in the Community: Cross Sector Collaborations among Organizations, Businesses and Community Groups” which seeks to document the ways professional and personal social networks contribute to organizational and community recovery and resilience. The principal investigator is Dr. Marya Doerfel who ran a similar National Science Foundation funded research project in Post-Katrina New Orleans.

It is conversations from this work and my participation as a local volunteer that highlights for me the hidden damage from the storm.  

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