PNJ Reports Codey Not Running for Governor

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UPDATE: Apparently Dick Codey’s office sent out a missive confirming he’s not running.

UPDATE: Codey’s full statement is here.

UPDATE: Buono’s full statement is here.

Well, PolitickerNJ is reporting that the field has cleared a bit for Barbara Buono as their sources say Dick Codey will not be running.  Codey was governor after Jim McGreevey resigned, and declined to run for election after Jon Corzine flooded the field with cash.

Two sources with knowledge of former Gov. Dick Codey’s intentions told PolitickerNJ the Essex County senator will not run for governor. Codey began informing high-ranking Democrats this morning.

PNJ also says that Steve Sweeney is still considering running, but other than that it looks like smooth sailing for Senator Buono.

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  1. Bertin Lefkovic

    …is still a possibility, but an unlikely one.  I would also be surprised if Sweeney decides to run.  The risk is far too great for him.  If Buono doesn’t win in November, Sweeney will run in 2017.

    I know that it is too early to be talking about 2014, but if Buono doesn’t beat Christie, but loses by less than five percentage points, I think that she should seriously consider running for the Senate in 2014.

    She had the guts to run for Governor instead of running for re-election to a safe State Senate seat.  Compared to Cory Booker’s cowardice and LeBron Jamesesque game-playing last year, that kind of gutsiness should be rewarded, not punished.

  2. vmars

    If Sweeney really is the only other possible choice then Codey’s non-endorsement is a slap at Barbara Buono.  It feels like an admission Codey thinks whoever wins will be a sacrificial lamb, and so not only doesn’t want to run but doesn’t want to waste any political capital with an endorsement.

    Kind of sad, really.

  3. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Time to rally around Buono.

  4. Hopeful

    It’s sad he never decides to take the plunge.

  5. ken bank

    What does Codey think, that we’re stupid? He says his decision was “personal” because of a second funeral home he just purchased. That’s BS, plain and simple. He’s known about the funeral home for weeks, months, whatever. What does he take us for? Instead of going through all this posing and posturing and seeing his name in print which, let’s face it, otherwise he’s politically irrelevant and a nonentity, he could have just decided first if he wanted the job, and then go about the logistics. Instead he put the cart before the horse, and made everybody else wait on him to make up his mind.

    As to Sweeney, he’s another one that likes to play games while making everybody else pay attention. He was waiting on Codey because that would mean a three way race which would split the progressive vote and give Sweeney enough votes from South Jersey to win a plurality. Now he’s waiting on Pascrell for the same reason. If Pascrell is out, Sweeney is out because he cannot hope to beat Buono one-on-one. Progressive and public sector voters will give Buono a huge victory, and Sweeney knows that.

    Quite frankly, the best campaign assets Barbara Buono has are Codey, Sweeney and Pascrell. Those three dinosaurs make Buono look young, energetic and independent. That’s what New Jersey Democrats need right now.

  6. firstamend07

    I agree. Codey is ,and has been a jerk for a long time. But he did have the right to take his time on a decision,as does Sweeney and Pascrell.

    But none of them are ” fearful” of Buono. All 3 would easily beat her in a primary. Do you honestly think that public sector unions like CWA can mobilize for Buono in a primary. If so,you have not paid close attention to recent elections.

    What the democrats really need right now is a strategy to keep an election between Buono and Christie close enough as to not lose both the Senate and the Assembly in a tsunami .

    What Buono does not need, if she is the candidate, is for the ” lefties” to be alienating the Democratic Party election appartus. Buono needs to make friends with Norcross, Sweeney,Adubato,DiVencenzo,etc. to even have a ” punchers” shot at Christie.

    I recommend that the lefties tone down their rhetoric and get on board for the sake of not having NJ turn into Wisc. Be good soldiers and learn to work with others.  

    Bramnick and Kean ,instead of Oliver and Sweeney will set this State back 20 years. Christie is just salivating at the chance to push a right wing agenda fro the next two years to make his Presidential bid more acceptable to the GOP primary voters.

    The only way Buono can keep this election within 7-10 points is to make peace and walk side by side with the Democrats who can turn out votes for her. She does not need the ” lefties” breaking her stones on this.  

  7. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Sweeney would easily beat Buono?  ROTFL.  

    Tone down the rhetoric?  This from someone who has bashed progressive Democrats and the CWA nonstop for the last 5 years.

    Making nice to the bosses?  As if that would make a difference.  They’ll do what they did last time:  give nominal support and then sit on their hands.

    As for the legislature, as I’ve said many times, I don’t believe there’s any realistic danger of them losing it.  This is not 1985, for a lot of reasons.

  8. Bill Orr

    Following the recent legislative re-apportionment and redistricting, there will be no tsunami.

    Republicans will probably have more money but they are not going to take over 9 new Assembly seats. It might be a little closer in the Senate where the Republicans need 5 new seats.

    All  politics are local and nowadays incumbents rule.  

  9. firstamend07

    Internal battles that will attempt to keep Buono to far left will only damage her chances of keeping this close.

    Buono must stay reasonable with her support of Democratic party values. But even more important she must get the support of the Party leadership.

    Lefties must allow her to do that without attacking her.

    With them she has a punchers shot. Without them she will lose by 20 points.

    My viewpoint is to prepare to prevent a tsunami,and be thankful if it does not come.

  10. firstamend07

    No one ever thought ” it” could happen in Wisconsin and it did. Why? Because people got lazy ,complacent, and UNREALISTIC!

    Elections in New Jersey are won in the middle. If the lefties push Buono away from the Democratic Party moderate leadership she will get smoked and she will bring down many with her.

    If you really want to save this State from  Christie/Bramnick/Kean leadership then allow Buono to make good with the Party leadership.

    Don’t become the Left’s version of the Tea Party.  

  11. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Do you even know enough about Wisconsin to make the comparison?  Were the districts as safe as New Jersey?  What were the margins going in?  Is the atmosphere the same?  2010 was toxic for Democrats.  They lost statehouses in Ohio and Michigan as well.  Look at the margin Obama won NJ by compared to those states.

    The comparison is faulty.

  12. firstamend07

    Do you know what will happen in a 60-40 election?

    That means that Christie got his message out there and the voters approved.

    What will his message be?

    ” I need a Republican Senate and Assembly to finish the job I started.”

    THAT is how a Wisconsin can happen.

    With a 63-37 win he will not even have to say it!

    All I am saying is that the lefties better let Buono make peace with enough powerbrokers so that she can get atleast 43% of the vote.

    If the election were held today shewould be outspent 5-1 ,at least and be blown out by 15%. That will take down the Legislature    

  13. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Not 60-40.  Totally different state.

    If Christie starts saying that, his numbers will drop.  This is a much more Democratic state than Wisconsin.  

    Buono hasn’t said anything to alienate the bosses.  I seriously doubt they give a damn what anyone on here says.


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