Our Teflon Governor

Our Teflon Governor Chris Christie, like former President Ronald Reagan, has managed to neatly deflect most controversies and maintain his popularity while many around him are disquieted and left only to vent their frustrations. Two just-released Quinnipiac findings indicate he continues to ride extraordinarily high in the polls while New Jerseyans simultaneously express concern over the economy, taxes, and most recently our gun safety laws.

In a Quinnipiac University poll released yesterday, 69% of respondents view him favorably and 21% unfavorably. In their view of how he is handling his job, 74% approve and 21% disapprove. Note, however, that his approval rating in June 2010 and June 2011 was at a low of 44%.

In another Quinnipiac poll released today, respondents were asked, “What do you think is the most important problem facing New Jersey today?” They said:

  • Economy: 30% (of which 23% was in the subcategory of Unemployment/Jobs)

  • Taxes: 29% (of which 20% was in the subcategory of Property Taxes),

  • Hurricane Sandy Recovery: 8%

  • Education: 7%

  • Budget: 5%

    Christie has stated his main focus will be on Sandy recovery, and he continues to get a lot of press on the matter, but the recovery will be difficult, take time, and may try the patience of New Jerseyans. On the economy and taxes he has had much less to say recently although these appear to be of more concern to his constituents. A continuing poor economy, joblessness and how he handles the budget could be serious impediments to his re-election.

    On the emerging issue of whether “The sale of guns in New Jersey should be made more strict, less strict, or kept as they are now?” 58% say More Strict, 8% say Less Strict, and 29% say Kept The Same. As with many social issues, he tries to walk some vague middle ground, but he might yet trip in his handling of these matters.

    Users of Teflon know that this nonstick coating tends to wear off over time.

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    1. A New Jersey Farmer

      Let’s see where the race stands in June. That will give us a better idea of any candidate’s strengths.

    2. rubybegone

      I’ve got to believe he will come back and use Obama’s words the people have elected me to cut taxes and choose a state supreme court ,why are the democrats holding up the will of the people .I was elected to enact these changes I now have a mandate  


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