Off to an exciting start!

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We are off to an exciting start in our campaign for Senate in the 39th legislative District.  Check out some of the recent coverage on the announcement of our campaign:
The Star Ledger covered the announcement of our campaign:

Jan Bidwell, a social worker with a background in child advocacy, has announced plans to run for state Senate in the 39th District.  She’ll challenge longtime Sen. Gerald Cardinale, a Demarest Republican first elected in 1982. Her platform includes lowering property taxes, encouraging consolidated services among towns and broadening women’s access to healthcare.

The Patch article featured some of my priorities in this campaign as opposed to my opponent who is out of touch with the needs of the district:

"Our district needs a senator who understands the challenges of citizens who are buckling under the burden of high taxes and budget cuts, who are unemployed, who deserve to be paid a fair wage,"

The Back Room On PolitickerNJ picked up our announcement as well.

You can join our campaign and help put another strong women that will fight for our families in the Senate.

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I look forward to the race ahead and hope you will join us on this journey to stand up to the right wing Tea Party agenda that has stranded New Jersey’s families. Thank you for everything you do!

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  1. Bill Orr

    Sen. Cardinale is a good example of why we need term limits. It’s not just that he has been in the Senate for over 30 years, but one might think that with changing times he would have evolved and shown awareness of new circumstances. No evolution here.

    It’s time for change and your concerns seem much more in tune with the current century. Best wishes in your campaign.



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