NJ’s Longest Serving Sheriff On Armed Teachers In Schools: “It’s Asinine”

The longest serving Sheriff in New Jersey, Ralph Froehlich of Union County has weighed in on the current debate over guns and he didn’t mince words:

“I am looking for a reasonable approach to gun safety. Shame on us when we emphasize the need to have dangerous assault weapons,” Froehlich told The Huffington Post Monday afternoon. “It is a killing weapon for war. Those poor little souls in Connecticut, some would still be alive if it wasn’t for a 30-round magazine. With a 30-round magazine you spray, you don’t aim. The people trying to escape did not have a chance. It’s stupid, it’s stupid.”

But he wasn’t done there:

Froehlich also slammed proposals that have been sweeping through state Legislatures around the country to allow teachers to carry guns in order to fight back against mass murderers in schools. He said a series of problems exist with the issue, including the need to decide which type of gun to provide teachers, the need for twice-yearly certification classes and the role of a teacher. He praised the teachers in Connecticut for their actions.

“They are not there to carry a gun; that is not the teacher’s function,” he said. “It’s asinine.”

Froehlich is scheduled to join the Mayors of Fanwood and Roselle, with other members of the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns lobbying on Capitol Hill on Wednesday for increased gun control.

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  1. Stephen Yellin

    Sheriff Froehlich is an institution in Union County, and deservedly so. I’m glad, but not surprised to read what he has to say.  


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