News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Jan 3, 2013

Boehner Punts on Sandy Relief Legislation

  • Speaker Boehner to New York and New Jersey: Drop Dead.
  • Boehner punts on Sandy relief.
  • Boehner ignores Sandy relief.
  • Storm aid inaction angers NY & NJ lawmakers.
  • Sandy aid frustration rising as many in Moonachie realize funding won’t be enough.

    Fiscal Cliff

  • NJ congressmen vote yes, following Senate vote. All except one. Guess.
  • Predictable. And it’s past time to replace him.

    Let’s hope some unstable person doesn’t see this as a challenge

  • Armed officers to begin patrolling Marlboro schools this morning.

    Buono – first in & first raising

  • Sen. Buono raises almost $250K in first month of campaigning.

    Chris Christie v. ______

  • Codey says he’s still undecided.

    The long, sad and infuriating tale of Trenton Mayor Tony Mack

  • Mack’s trial on corruption charges won’t start Feb. 19 as scheduled, it’s been pushed back to at least summer with a continuance order issued by a federal judge.
  • Trenton Council again tries to cut mayor’s pay.

    New Jersey at the Sundance Film Festival

  • “Fall to Grace” by filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi (daughter of Nancy) spotlights Jim McGreevey and the jailhouse treatment program where he counsels inmates.

    Congratulations Aimee and Joanne!

  • And to Jason Springer, Deciminyan and other Blue Jersey alum and friends who helped power the campaign of Aimee Belgard & Joanne Schwartz, newly sworn-in as Burlington County Freeholders.


  • Budgetary pain is at hand for NJ legislators.
  • Boardwalks are Job 1 as shore towns rebuild.

    Grow up, already

  • Christie’s 7 most shocking comments of 2012. (Katz, Christie Chronicles)


  • A big year ahead for Jersey politics.

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    1. Bertin Lefkovic

      If it wasn’t already obvious that Steve Sweeney has no interest in running for Governor against Chris Christie, but does not want Barbara Buono to get the Democratic nomination, the fact that he is open to the idea of his sworn enemy, Dick Codey, taking on Christie should confirm this fact once and for all.

      The thinking behind this move is even more obvious.  With the support of Norcrossippi’s 8 counties, Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, and Union Counties and possibly Hunterdon, Sussex, and Warren as well, Codey would win the Democratic nomination easily and as the Democratic nominee, he would be competitive enough to protect the competitive districts in Norcrossippi that Sweeney needs to remain Senate President, while the bosses shave the vote just enough to re-elect Christie, getting both Buono and Codey out of Trenton once and for all.

      As much as I like Codey, I hope that he treads very carefully before trusting Sweeney.  I wonder what 12M will think if this actually comes to pass.  If I had to bet, I think that it is more likely that Bill Pascrell, Jr. becomes the guy to run against Buono and Christie, because he has a history of working with Norcross et al,  nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

      If I am right, it will be interesting to see if Buono accepts a deal to step aside that would enable her to run for re-election to the State Senate while also running as Pascrell’s LG.  A similar deal could also be offered to her if Codey runs, but I think that Norcross et al want Buono and Codey out of Trenton and may just choose Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt or Camden Mayor Dana Redd to run for LG with either Codey or Pascrell.

    2. Bertin Lefkovic

      …is as believable as you, FA07, but if you are actually supporting the idea of a Codey candidacy, then he really should watch his back.

      I agree that Codey should have run against Corzine in 2005, but to think that Adubato, Norcross, and Sweeney might be willing to make peace with Codey without an ulterior motive in mind is just laughable.

      That said, I hope that Codey runs.  He, Buono, and Pascrell would all be strong opponents against Christie.

    3. firstamend07

      Yipes. All of these conspiracy ideas!

      Can’t Sweeney,as the highest ranked Democrat in the State, just be looking for a good candidate who will not get blown out of the water?

      Buono ,as stated before, is a very nice person who will lose by 15 % points.

      Deep down Codey knew he blew his chance when he stepped aside for Corzine. He might as well take his shot now .He will get a lot of money from National Democrats to run a solid campaign.  

      Remember, above all Codey is a ” player” .    

    4. 12mileseastofTrenton

      She wouldn’t be able to hide from the media, as she usually does.

      Sweeney’s apparent concern, avoiding another 1985, is unwarranted as I’ve said before.  First off, Christie’s not getting 70% of the vote.  I highly doubt, even under the best of circumstances, that he could get near 60%.  Second, the districts are so gerrymandered that there’s little room for turnover.  Third, the state is a lot more Democratic than it was in 1985.

      As for what will happen, have no idea.  But I think that even if Codey gets in, Buono will not drop out.

    5. 12mileseastofTrenton

      Can’t say I’m surprised.  He could not win a two person primary.  And should he get the nomination, many Democrats would either sit out the race or vote independent.

    6. sayitaintso
    7. Bertin Lefkovic

      I am not concerned about Buono, Codey, or Pascrell losing by such a large margin that Democrats will lose their majorities in the Assembly and the Senate as I think that all of them will get at least 45% of the vote if not more.  Even with Christie’s current polling numbers, I think that all three could beat Christie in November.

      That said, I do think that if I am wrong about this or if the Democrats were to nominate a lesser candidate like Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage, there are some districts that could be at risk that might not be otherwise.

      LD2, LD4, LD14, and LD38 are the most competitive districts in the state and all three could be at risk if Christie wins by ten percentage points or more.  LD27 is another competitive district, but it won’t be at risk, because Dick Codey will be running for re-election or will be at the top of the ballot in that district as the Democratic nominee.

      The only scenario that I can imagine where this district could be at risk is if Codey runs in and loses a contested Democratic gubernatorial primary election, which would mean that his name will not be found anywhere on the general election ballot.

      Because of the popularity of Jeff Van Drew and Steve Sweeney in their respective districts, it is unlikely that a ten-point Christie victory would put their districts at risk.  However, if instead of winning with 55% of the vote, Christie won with 58-60% or more of the vote, I think that they as well as Herb Conaway and Troy Singleton in LD7 would have some reason to sweat.

      Losing our Democratic legislative majorities is not likely, but at the same time, it is not an impossibility either.  That said, the one silver lining that could be derived from this worst case scenario is that it would most likely bring about an end to the George Norcross era of dominance over the Democratic Party, which could be a good thing in the long run.


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