News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013

Bad day for a transparent government and an informed electorate

  • Star-Ledger announces layoffs of 34 employees, including 18 newsroom staff.
  • SJ Times lays off of 11 employees, citing economy, industry changes.
  • And earlier this week, Press of Atlantic City was put up for sale.


  • NJ Dems back Obama, propose sweeping gun-control reforms for state.
  • Victims’ relatives in Camden praise Obama gun proposals.
  • Coming: Surprise school security inspections.
  • Will the real Chris Christie please stand up.


  • 2.6 Million – Plenty of people watched Jersey Shore too. It’s entertaining.
  • In 100th “Town Hall,” counters Obama on guns.
  • Only one congressman Christie campaigned for supported all 3 parts of the Sandy aid package.

    Chris Christie v. _______

  • Norcross backs Barbara, bashes Codey.
  • Buono endorsed by NJ Women’s Political Caucus.
  • Dem NJ mayors want Gov candidates to get in the race ASAP.
  • Sources: Dem county chairs want candidates’ search over by Feb. 1st.


  • NJ Weedman sentenced to probation, fines, in medical-marijuana test case.


  • PA knocks Atlantic City off the #2 gambling spot.


  • Dear Bernie [Bertin Lefkovic], An Open Letter About Consolidation To A Charter Cheerleader. From, Darlene.
  • Privately run and publicly financed: Norcross expansion plans for ‘charterlike’ schools leave questions.

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    1. vmars

      That reads to me more like Norcross attacking Codey than supporting Buono.  Kind of a, “You guys had your chance to step up, didn’t and not just get out of the way.”

    2. Bill Orr

      is a sad reality these days. More important perhaps is whether their on-line brethren can flourish. It’s essential for groups like,, Patch and the Statehouse Bureau (which provides news to subscribing papers and on-line sites) to succeed.  We need news, a requisite for a democracy, and hope the evolving delivery mechanism will work well.    

    3. The Wizard

      business and Christie is governor, the state’s resources will be directed away from the public schools to private schools.

      Unfortunately we’ll never know who has how much in Cayman Islands accounts.  

    4. 12mileseastofTrenton

      He’s done a good job of trying to wreck this party so he can run everything in concert with the governor

      How true.

    5. denniscmcgrath

      Is mostly a rehash of the print newspaper. Laying off reporters from one won’t have a positive impact on the other.

      Look forward to a subscription-based local online press, real soon. Ad revenues in the print papers are never going to support the editorial staff adequately again … and no one has cracked the online ad revenue conundrum.

      A shame, really (of course, you don’t need me to tell you that). I’m sure some of the SL employees are people I know and/or have worked with in the past.

      Blogs such as BlueJersey become all the more important, but only to the extent that they present original reportage. As the dailies fold, basing opinion pieces on what’s in the paper becomes … difficult.

    6. JackHarris

      Patch aims for profitability, shifts platforms

      “Patch hopes that all 903 of its hyperlocal news sites will be profitable by the end of 2013, and that many of them will have migrated to a less-newsy, more community-based platform, company president Warren Webster said on Tuesday evening.”

    7. denniscmcgrath

      and that has been the trend for a while. There is much less reportage than there was at first. Local newspaper people who landed at Patch two years ago have largely moved on already. It’s basically crap now. Wasn’t it a Patch that broke the Christie helicopter little league game story?

    8. JackHarris

      And down here in Monmouth County their coverage of the Ft. Monmouth issue is becoming much more superficial and perfunctory.

      They went from an editor/reporter covering it to a contractor who has been getting less and less space for her coverage.  

    9. denniscmcgrath

      is doing the best he can with the resources available to him.

      Here in Philly, the Mt. Airy and Roxborough Patches are mostly pointless.

    10. Bertin Lefkovic


      “He is 1,000 percent, Joe D., for Chris Christie. And any move he makes is that way,” Codey said. “He’s got his arms wrapped around the governor’s legs, and they’re so entrenched around the governor’s legs that the jaws of life couldn’t take him off them.”

      As much as I like to speculate on what the bosses might do in any situation, I never would have imagined a scenario by which they goad both Barbara Buono and Dick Codey into facing each other in a primary election so that they could get both out of Trenton in one election cycle.  Machiavelli would have been impressed.


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