News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013

Groundbreaking: new Belmar boardwalk
After Sandy: Groundbreaking for Belmar’s new boardwalk PHOTO: David Schofield

Today’s roundup is brought to you by Walt Whitman.

Art. Better than billboards.

Flu epidemic in Jersey.

Whoa. What the HELL is going on in this picture, Star-Ledger?

Deal with it.

  • Chris Christie is on the cover of Time Magazine. And how was your week, Dems?

  • Call the WAHMBULANCE! Christie doesn’t like his Time cover. BuzzFeed

  • Really.

    The “Dr. Kevorkian of the numbers”

  • Turns out to be right after all. Of course.

    Gun control

  • Christie doesn’t want to talk about it, skirts questions.

  • NJ AG to announce gun buyback in Mercer.

    Poll: Voters favor Booker over Lautenberg

  • Booker favorable rating: 66%. Lautenberg favorable rating: 45%. In a direct matchup for the Senate nomination, among self-identified Democrats and Democratic-leaning, 42% would prefer Booker over Lautenberg, compared with 20% who prefer Lautenberg over Booker.

    Backbone Democrat

  • Marion Oravetz 1921-2013.


  • Poll: Christie more popular with Democrats nationally than Republicans.

  • Attention Democrats: Chris Christie Isn’t Your New Best Friend. Cesca

  • Christie Admits his Political Future is tied to Storm Recovery.

  • Chris Christie: 2016 Planning ‘Crazy’ Because ‘I Want To Serve Four More Years As Governor’.

  • No ‘Call of Duty’ in Christie’s house.

  • Here’s a teaser for Conversations at NJPAC, the Gov interviewed by Adubato.

  • NJ Senate Dems statement on Christie’s NJPAC interview.

    Sandy Recovery

  • N.J. residents struck hard by Sandy finally get visit from insurance regulators.


  • Should students grade their teachers?


  • Young people in North Jersey in poverty, with little discussion of it. Caliiff, Essex/Passaic Green Party

  • Advocates argue expanding Medicaid eligibility would benefit NJ.

  • Who pays to upgrade the grid? Bill could leave ratepayers on the hook for billions, consumer advocates argue.

    Christie v. _______

  • Christie first 2013 funder next month in NB.

  • Schaer backs Pascrell for governor.
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