News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Jan. 7, 2013


  • Chris Christie, NJ’s surprisingly standard-issue Republican. Ana Marie Cox

  • In NJ and across America, Chris Christie casts a big shadow. Daily Beast

  • Chris Christie gives himself an “A” for governing in 2012. Gothamist

  • What, what? There are chink’s in Christie’s armor? YES.

  • SCHOONEJONGEN: Which portrayal of Christie will carry the day? Schoonejongen

  • N.J. & VA governor’s races have implications for future. Ingle

  • Christie’s tax cut a lost cause. Ledger editorial

    Two national stories shed light on what we see happening in NJ

  • Think the Tea Party’s grassroots? Internal documents just leaked from one of the giants bankrolling them show where the money really comes from. Mother Jones

  • Rhee enters panic mode. Jersey Jazzman

    2013: Christie v. ____

  • Lesniak endorses Codey.


  • Fate of NJ economy in 2013 hinges on Congress.

  • Toms River “medical home” may be the future of NJ health care.

    New concerns since Sandy of plant’s safety

  • Public Hearing on Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant Slated to Convene Today.

    LD 34 agony:

  • With gubernatorial field unresolved, North Jersey district a question mark.


  • Fine print: KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy application.

  • Paterson school offers signs of hope in urban school reform.
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