News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, Jan. 4, 2013

Crash. Crunch … Are you OK, Hudson County Freeholder Doreen DiDomenico?

Also, Thank You, Steve Rothman.

Adventures with Republicans

  • Sandy’s been a godsend to him, but Christie’s still the same guy he always was – somebody who would pull the wings off flies if he thought it meant 15 minutes on CNN. Esquire Magazine
  • Actually, Boehner’s stonewalling on relief is consistent with how now deficit-obsessed GOP does business. Mother Jones
  • Scott Garrett: Lone wolf congressman who won’t sign on to Sandy aid. Tom Moran
  • Sorry, East Coast Republicans, but this is your party too: Christie helps the GOP keep power — then doesn’t like the results. Salon
  • Republicans stuck in a pothole.
  • Rep. Peter King: Late night Christie phone call “was crazy” and “made me sound like a Sunday school teacher.

    Mental health courts, and regulating ammunition buying

  • Sen. Shirley Turner on the need to address violence and mental health.

    Marijuana politics

  • Jay Lassiter talks buying his first medi-pot. Audio,WHYY Radio

    Senate Budget Committee

  • Budget Cuts Loom as Shortfall Tops $700 Million.

  • Post-Sandy economy spike will not rescue N.J. from money problems.

  • Christie’s office snaps back at OLS’ shortfall prediction


  • Wildwood: One of New Jersey’s few free beaches might start charging.

  • Sandy victims eligible for free prescription drug refills.

  • Brazil, China, India, Indonesia & Liberia: Rutgers steps up efforts to go global, attract foreign students.


  • Armed school officers one option, but stopping gun violence takes more. Ledger

  • Most Eligible Newark Teachers Take a Pass on New Bonus Program.

    Sandy Relief & Rebuilding

  • Congress to vote today on (small portion of) aid for Sandy.

  • Barnes: State agency should oversee Jersey Shore rebuilding in battered towns.

  • Sweeney bill would strengthen labor’s hand in post-Sandy work.

    And Stack denies the incident even happened, video doesn’t show it, and Stack suspects Sacco behind it all

  • Assault charges filed against Sen. Brian Stack.


  • Sources: Assemblyman Barnes will run for LD 18 Senate seat.

  • Dems say avoiding gov. primary chief concern.
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      Avoiding a primay is another.  If everyone agrees on a candidate, fine.  But it doesn’t do the party, or democracy, any good to force people from the race, or to just avoid a primary because you don’t want a contest.


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