News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, Jan. 4, 2013

Crash. Crunch … Are you OK, Hudson County Freeholder Doreen DiDomenico?

Also, Thank You, Steve Rothman.

Adventures with Republicans

  • Sandy’s been a godsend to him, but Christie’s still the same guy he always was – somebody who would pull the wings off flies if he thought it meant 15 minutes on CNN. Esquire Magazine
  • Actually, Boehner’s stonewalling on relief is consistent with how now deficit-obsessed GOP does business. Mother Jones
  • Scott Garrett: Lone wolf congressman who won’t sign on to Sandy aid. Tom Moran
  • Sorry, East Coast Republicans, but this is your party too: Christie helps the GOP keep power — then doesn’t like the results. Salon
  • Republicans stuck in a pothole.
  • Rep. Peter King: Late night Christie phone call “was crazy” and “made me sound like a Sunday school teacher.

    Mental health courts, and regulating ammunition buying

  • Sen. Shirley Turner on the need to address violence and mental health.

    Marijuana politics

  • Jay Lassiter talks buying his first medi-pot. Audio,WHYY Radio

    Senate Budget Committee

  • Budget Cuts Loom as Shortfall Tops $700 Million.
  • Post-Sandy economy spike will not rescue N.J. from money problems.
  • Christie’s office snaps back at OLS’ shortfall prediction


  • Wildwood: One of New Jersey’s few free beaches might start charging.
  • Sandy victims eligible for free prescription drug refills.
  • Brazil, China, India, Indonesia & Liberia: Rutgers steps up efforts to go global, attract foreign students.


  • Armed school officers one option, but stopping gun violence takes more. Ledger
  • Most Eligible Newark Teachers Take a Pass on New Bonus Program.

    Sandy Relief & Rebuilding

  • Congress to vote today on (small portion of) aid for Sandy.
  • Barnes: State agency should oversee Jersey Shore rebuilding in battered towns.
  • Sweeney bill would strengthen labor’s hand in post-Sandy work.

    And Stack denies the incident even happened, video doesn’t show it, and Stack suspects Sacco behind it all

  • Assault charges filed against Sen. Brian Stack.


  • Sources: Assemblyman Barnes will run for LD 18 Senate seat.
  • Dems say avoiding gov. primary chief concern.

  • Comments (2)

    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      Avoiding a primay is another.  If everyone agrees on a candidate, fine.  But it doesn’t do the party, or democracy, any good to force people from the race, or to just avoid a primary because you don’t want a contest.

    2. Bertin Lefkovic

      That said, a very ugly by-product of Barbara Buono’s gubernatorial candidacy is the ascension of Assemblyman Peter Barnes III to her State Senate seat, which is why Dick Codey has always been my first pick to take on Christie.  If Codey were to run for Governor, he would be replaced in the State Senate by John McKeon, who is as progressive if not even moreso than Codey.

      As much as I like Buono, I would prefer to see her run for re-election to the State Senate and possibly be Codey’s or Pascrell’s running mate.  Sadly, what I prefer really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  This has more to do with machine politics in Middlesex County than anything else.


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