My Endorsement for Governor

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Throughout my tenure in public service, as Hamilton councilman – as a Mercer County Freeholder and now as an Assemblyman – I’ve come across few elected officials with the personal strength and independence of Senator Barbara Buono. Today, I am endorsing her candidacy for Governor and I am asking Democratic leaders and most importantly voters across New Jersey to join me in supporting her as our party’s nominee for Governor.

As someone who represents a bellwether district in our state, I believe Senator Buono on the top of our Democratic ticket will best help us send a strong message this November.  We need a tough, compassionate, progressive woman like Barbara who will fight for our Democratic principles of standing up for the middle-class and ensuring a better future for our children.

Senator Buono grew up the daughter of an Italian immigrant butcher, in a poor household, sometimes not knowing when her next meal would come and having to rely on public assistance. She worked three full-time jobs, put herself through college and law school and took a job as a public defender, representing some of society’s most vulnerable. She showed why public education is so important for every child in New Jersey. There is a stark contrast between Senator Buono and the past three years of leadership in New Jersey by the Governor, we know we can do better.  I believe Barbara is the best choice to lead us as we face the challenges of creating jobs, rebuilding our communities affected by Sandy and delivering on the promise of our progressive state values.

I look forward to campaigning alongside Senator Buono throughout my district as we take back our state and truly make it ‘Blue’ Jersey again.

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