Meeting commuters in Montclair

We noticed some new media-savvy friends of Blue Jersey in Alexander’s announcement this week of incoming senior campaign staff, among them Scott Shields and Matt Jordan. Not certain who is running Senator Nia Gill’s campaign, but of course she’s welcome on these pages, too. – Rosi

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I spent my morning meeting with commuters at the Upper Montclair Train Station, talking about the issues, meeting people, and talking about why we need a new strong voice in the New Jersey State Senate. As I build my grassroots operation, the most important part of my campaign will be meeting new people and explaining to them why I can be effective in Trenton for working class families. Just like President Obama did in Iowa, South Carolina, and across the country, I am going to build a ground game that brings new people into the political process. I hope you will join this effort at

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  1. zi985

    Mr. Alexander, why should Democratic primary voters in LD-34 not support and vote for Senator Nia Gill on June 4th?  What specific policy issues do you and her differ on?  What are the major distinctions between you and Senator Gill regarding management and outreach?  I’m just curious what the actual differences are between both of you since a primary challenger, like yourself, is essentially a referendum on a sitting legislator like Nia Gill who has been serving in Trenton since 1994.  Thanks.


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