Maybe now Schroeder will get the hint?

There is a growing chorus of people who want Assemblyman Bob Schroeder out of the Legislature, but he hasn’t been willing to leave on his own as of yet. Here is the latest not so subtle hint to get out from his own party:

Embattled Republican Assemblyman Robert Schroeder of Washington Township was stripped of his deputy minority whip position on Tuesday by Jon Bramnick, the Republican leader in the Assembly.

Bramnick of Westfield has also formally asked Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver to remove Schroeder from his seats on the Assembly’s labor and homeland security committees. Bramnick made his request through a letter that was hand-delivered by a staffer on Tuesday.

Speaker Oliver said that she will heed the request through a spokesman.  Schroeder was formally indicted on December 21st, but news of his bad business dealings began to surface in August when he was charged with passing bad check. Following the formal indictment in December, Christie through his spokesman said it was time for Schroeder to resign. And the sharks clearly smell blood in the water as Bergen County GOP Freeholder Rob Hermanson has said he intends to seek the seat Schroeder holds.

Schroeder has donated over $425K to GOP campaigns, including that of Chris Christie since 2001, so it’s no surprise they want him to go away quietly.  So far though, Schroeder hasn’t taken the hint as he attended the Governor’s state of the State yesterday.

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