Marion Oravetz 1921-2013 Backbone Democrat

Marion Oravetz

Just found out that Marion Oravetz died Monday. You wouldn’t know the name. But she was very important to Democrats in crimson Hunterdon County. She was a Flemington Dem here in the county seat.

She pre-dated all of us with our tweeting, our blogging, and our secret strategy sessions at Main Street Bagel. She got out our campaign mail the old-fashioned way; staying up late assembling it by herself on TV trays in her living room, folding, stuffing, stamping and turning it around in mere hours. No work was beneath her, if it meant going forward.

Marion was 91, a forever Democrat. A backbone Democrat. A party county committee member of long-standing who never ever missed a meeting, and was usually the person checking everybody in at the door. She saw through the nonsense of local politics, and had no trouble calling Republican idiots exactly that. Only she could get away with it.

Her old years were spent volunteering; every day a different schedule of working to make people’s lives better. My favorite was her weekly service at the hospice, the day she went “to help the old people,” in no way meaning her stooped, white-haired and wrinkly self.

She was beautiful, inside and out. Humble, and self-deprecating. She would think my making a big deal over her little self here was ridiculous. But to all of us working politics in Flemington, New Jersey, she was a Local Hero.  

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  1. the pollster

    Marion was an amazing woman. Even though her body was suffering the ravages of old age, her mind was sharp. She was quick-witted and didn’t suffer fools gladly. She made me laugh all the time.

    I’ll miss you Marion. But I’ll keep fighting the good fight.

  2. JackHarris

    It’s so important to remember and celebrate the people who paved the way and kept on keeping on all the way to the end.  

  3. Jersey Jazzman

    God bless.


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