Live Tweeting: Senate Budget Committee

UPDATE: Hearing has begun. You can listen live to the legislature’s audio feed. Our coverage on Twitter has also started, follow us @BlueJersey.- Rosi

We’ll be live tweeting this afternoon’s Senate Budget Committee hearing from @bluejersey whenever it starts. (Scheduled for 1PM, but they never start at the published time.) In addition to considering bill S-2425, which according to the sponsor “revises definition of ‘public works projects’ to permit project labor agreements for more projects”, the committee will hear from OLS Budget and Finance Officer David Rosen on FY 13 revenues. Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff was also invited to testify but declined due to “scheduling conflicts.”

Post Hearing Comments
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While the leaders of both parties called for bipartisanship in solving the state’s budget crisis, that mantra didn’t last long.  Even though revenues have not even reached the more pessimistic levels forecast by the Office of Legislative Services, and everyone agreed that the rate of growth that would be needed to bring in the Christie numbers would be impossible, that didn’t stop Michael Drewniak.  Christie’s spokesman said “David Rosen has been persistently negative and persistently wrong about the state’s revenues, and today is no exception.” He accused Rosen, of the non-partisan OLS, of playing partisan games.

So far, Christie’s Treasurer, Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff, has not made himself available to the Senate Budget Committee for testimony. Chairman Sarlo has extended a number of possible dates, but is still waiting for the Treasurer.

The bottom line is that it’s Chris Christie’s responsibility to balance the budget. While his minions may put spin on the truth, you can’t put a spin on mathematics.

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