Lautenberg out for 2014?

UPDATE: I’m getting a solid denial from Sen. Lautenberg’s Communications Director . Actually, more specifically I am told that this is not confirmed.

We’re hearing, from a Blue Jersey community member glued to NBC News that they are reporting Sen. Frank Lautenberg will not run for re-election in 2014.

Here is what News4NewYork is reporting.

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  1. Hopeful

    that he is the last WWII vet in the Senate. The war was seventy years ago, so it shouldn’t be so surprising to me, but somehow it is.  

  2. zi985

    Interesting article in Politico:

  3. Bill Orr

    By this time in the election cycle six years ago Sen. Lautenberg had $1,405,000 in cash, whereas, now he has only $203,000. By the end of his 2008 election he had raised $8,136,000. For the 2014 race he would want considerably more, but he has not been building any significant war chest.

    Regardless of his final decision he can be proud of his progressive record and substantial contributions to the lives of New Jerseyans.

  4. ken bank

    He’s 15 years younger than Lautenberg. Cory Booker filed his papers, so if Lautenberg stays we can expect a very expensive and very divisive primary, with a chance that even if Lautenberg wins the primary he may lose to a strong GOP candidate like Leonard Lance. That would be disastrous for Democrats, especially if West Virginia goes GOP.

    Polls already show Lautenberg with only 45% approval, and age will most certainly, and justifiably, be an issue in the campaign, especially if Christie is re-elected and could appoint Lautenberg’s successor should he win and subsequently dies in office which ay 90+ has to be considered a distinct possibility.

    If Frank Lautenberg really wants to preserve his legacy he should follow Jay Rockefeller, put his ego aside, be a mensch, and do what’s best for his party, his President, his constituents, his supporters and the country.

  5. Babs NJSD

    I have to thank Frank Lautenberg! The man deserves respect for what he has done and continues to accomplish! I can tell you personally that he’s not too old to learn new tricks ( if you don’t mind the metaphor) …and  take a leadership role on it!

    I remember talking to him in early 2002 as he seemed to be enjoying his retirement and then later that year came back to run again and win for NJ Democrats and all New Jerseyans!

    He showed what he had in 2008 when he was challenged and easily won. In 2014, I don’t think he has to prove anything, but he does have a legacy.

    I’m sure in 2014, he will again do the right thing for his Party and his fellow citizens and for his huge legacy! Just give him the respect he has earned!

    If he feels that Cory can be part of his legacy … so be it, but that is his decision.

  6. deciminyan

    I wish Senator Lautenberg a long life – longer than Strom Thurmond. But the reality is, he may not be able to serve another full term. If he vacates his seat before the 2016 presidential election, Governor Christie would be prone to appoint an extreme right-winger to the post in order to curry favor with the crazies. Not a faux moderate like Joe Kyrillos. How does U.S. Senator Jay Webber sound? Pretty scary.

  7. Thurman Hart

    but I think he should retire, and do it in a way that allows New Jerseyans to pick his replacement – in other words, he should do it now so we can elect someone to his seat, rather than have it filled by gubernatorial fiat.

  8. denniscmcgrath

    Don’t give an 89 year old male good odds for making 95.

    In 2008, Lautenberg covered the spread. He could be expected to live another seven or so years on average (the longer you live, the more likely you are to live a little longer. Up to a point).

    At 89, he’s got an even chance of going another 4 years. Doesn’t cover the term.

    Bad news, folks: Christie isn’t going to lose.  


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