It’s a Good Day to Endorse Barbara Buono

And that must be why everybody’s doing it. Right? Right?

Yesterday was the watershed day for Barbara Buono’s march toward the Democratic nomination for Governor, with Frank Pallone lending his very public support and NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney taking himself out of consideration on the same day. Yesterday also brought the endorsement of Rep. Bill Pascrell, who had been considering running for the nomination himself. Pascrell was the last shoe to fall as a succession of Democrats – Cory Booker, Dick Codey, and Sweeney – took themselves out of the running and the narrative of Anybody But Buono gave way to Buono’s own narrative, one of forward-leaning, progressive change for New Jersey.

It wasn’t an easy month in New Jersey Democratic politics. We should make the next part considerably more fun.

Today, the endorsements came (so far) in 3 big chunks:

1. South Jersey Dems: Includes both SJ electeds in leadership, Senate President Sweeney and Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald, the entire  SJ Democratic state  legislative delegation and all seven Democratic  county  party chairs. Their statement of support comes after unelected strongman George Norcross’ ‘non-endorsement endorsement’ of Buono, from a long list of people who agree with Buono on some things and have voted differently than she did on others.

Read the South Jersey Democrats’ ‘Open Letter’ here.

2. Dick Codey: Codey’s statement discusses Buono’s history as a progressive leader, including economic issues, health care policy, investment in public education, and gun control and spotlights her history as NJ’s first ever woman to become Senate Majority Leader.

Read Codey’s statement here.

3. Democratic Governors Assn. (DGA) Chair Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin: In December, Buono, the only Democrat in the race for Governor, traveled to Los Angeles for the annual conference of the DGA. Shumlin’s statement focused on Christie’s failings, particularly what we in New Jersey understand as his much-advertised but undelivered ‘Jersey Comeback’.

Read Gov. Peter Shumlin’s statement here.

Comments (3)

  1. deciminyan

    It didn’t take long for the RGA to spew lies about Christie’s record.

    Under Christie’s reign, we have had higher taxes, fewer services, and increased debt. What the RGA fails to note is Christie’s robbing funds from special purpose accounts (read: taxes) in order to artificially balance the budget. Oh, and don’t expect the RGA to comment on our crumbling infrastructure or polluted environment – both of which have gotten significantly worse in the last three years.

  2. southernbluedog

    I asked a co-worker last night: What has Gov. Christie done for you?

    Pretty much all he could come up with is that it looked like he responded to the super storm pretty well and he has a fairly positive national profile.

    The job of the Buono campaign and the Democrats is to remind the voters that under Christie taxes have increased and services have decreased.  The burden is even worse on public employees. Christie can’t even get my respect when it comes to the economy, the minimum wage, medicare, public education, or marriage equality and other social issues.

    Buono can win if she can get her message out, which obviously requires money and hard work.  

  3. Babs NJSD

    Good theater … movement of funds from here to there, sleight of hand … feel good moments and not much  that is good for the 98% of us… allusions… certainly nothing to take to the bank!


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