ICYMI: Jon Stewart to House GOP on Sandy Vote

Jon Stewart to the House GOP: ‘What Would Jesus Or Any Other Human Being That Isn’t An Asshole Do’

Brief ad before Stewart. Sorry, couldn’t scrub.

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  1. robosz

    Good stuff from Stewart, as usual.

    Note the on-screen text supered at the top of the frame for the video of the Christie press conference reads “State of New Jersey.”  Most other states have a robust media presence and news outfits who shoot the conference and supply that video to other channels or productions want it; they even charge some hefty rates for it sometimes.  Now, the Governor who proclaimed “State government shouldn’t be in the broadcast business” uses the “State of New Jersey” video channel to cover itself and share video to other news sources.  Nothing nefarious, of course, but somewhat ironic that over the national airwaves (or Stewart’s show) a NJ Press Conference from the Trenton State House in Christie’s term comes off looking like a Government-produced message from “our leader.”  A little more like Pravda TV than things were supposed to be once NJN was eliminated.

    Who directed the shoot? State employees?  Isn’t that forbidden in Gov. Christie’s world?  Wasn’t that big-government practice banned with the crushing of NJN?

    This is what political leaders call unfiltered access to the people — your messages (talking points) do not have to go through the press.


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