Did Christie Actually Veto The Minimum Wage Bill?

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As we noticed during the two-year Presidential race, Chris Christie often prefers to be out-of-state rather than in-state whether fundraising, on family vacations, stumping for candidates, seeing Bruce Springteen, avoiding snowstorms.

But an interesting question comes from this, since the duties of the office transfer to the Lt. Governor when the Governor is out of state.  That means that Christie can’t sign, veto or do take any other official action after he crosses the Delaware (or Hudson, or border, etc).  

But another state law says conditional vetoes are only valid if they occur on a day the legislature is in session.

According to The Political State this creates a problem for Christie.  He was out of state on holiday with his son this Monday, the day when his conditional veto of the minimum wage law was recorded by the Office of Legislative Services.  

Sometimes Press Secretary and Sometimes campaign adviser Michael Drewniak (you never know which) said, “He signed them prior to departing the state and they were transmitted to the Legislature when they came into session (Monday).”

So unless the law allows the Governor to post-date his official actions, my reading is that the conditional veto didn’t happen and the OLS should not accept it.  

I’m not sure what that would mean for this particular legislation — the Record piece suggests it could be law but Drewniak denies it — but since Christie made his bones on being a law ‘n order kind a guy and not letting elected officials get away with cheating, someone oughta ask.

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