Democrats pass Sandy Relief over Republican opposition

All New Jersey Republicans voted for Sandy relief in the end, but 179 votes against the bill came from their party. Frank LoBiondo summed up the situation in his Republican party:

“To my colleagues who have sought funding themselves and now say we need to change the rules of the game: shame on you,” LoBiondo. “We need to have a new caucus, the hypocritical caucus.”

Still, LoBiondo and our “moderate” northeastern Republicans mainly have themselves to blame. They adopted the “Party of No” strategy to sabotage the American economy and the Obama presidency and benefited handsomely from it in 2010… betraying New Jersey and New York is just more of the same.

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  1. Jeff Gardner

    as if their obstructionism weren’t enough by itself, at least part of the congressional opposition was thanks to Governor Christie himself, and one of his patented no-bid contracts.  

  2. vmars

    the NJ GOP delegation needs to think long and hard whether they belong in that party.

    Though it’s been readily apparent for almost a generation that the Republican leadership has no interest in using government to help people it hasn’t really hit New Jersey until now.  It’s all been philosophical or ideological, with the pain hitting elsewhere.

    But now the inherent meanness of the American GOP has hit our own state, a state that for eighty years has paid more in federal taxes than it has received.

    This is your party, LoBiondo, Lance, Runyan, etc.  These are the people you raise money to elect, the people you vote for to put in leadership positions in the Congress, who you are beholden to.

    And they couldn’t care a whit about your constituents, or you.  

    Time to rethink your membership in such a party, and join the ranks of independents at the least and perhaps even coming over to the dark side with the Democrats.

    But you don’t belong with the GOP, the party of takers.

  3. mmgth

    Diary is short and dead on.


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