Christie Acknowledges Man-Made Climate Change While Simultaneously Ignoring It

Yesterday, Governor Christie issued some rules pertaining to rebuilding homes on the Jersey Shore – homes that were destroyed or demolished by Hurricane Sandy. These rules are tough and will be expensive to home owners to comply with. But they are necessary. In effect, the Governor acknowledged that future storms and sea surges will become more frequent and severe, thus acknowledging the fact that predictions made decades ago by global climate scientists are now coming to fruition.

Yet, the Governor still refuses to acknowledge that there are things we can do to alleviate the frequency and severity of these events. His cozying up to the Koch Brothers and withdrawal of the state from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative just work toward making the situation worse. His less-than-enthusiastic support for renewable energy like wind and solar power guarantees that New Jersey’s dependence on dirty global-climate-changing energy will be with us long after he’s gone from the political scene.

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