Can Buono Keep it close?

Starting with the premise that she cannot win,and any realistic person knows she cannot win against Christie,how can she keep it close ( 5% -9 % )?

How will she get the money,and from where will she get it?

What can she use as her single, ” main” pitch?

Can she get Christie to make a mistake? Can she get under his skin ? Does she have that kind of ” fire” to put him on edge?

I do not see it ,but am I missing something? So far she is acting like a lightweight. She is gaining no attention. Her comments are milktoast.

She has to earn support,it will not be presented to her. What she is doing right now does not work.

If Buono cannot become as nasty an SOB as Christie then she is wasting her time running.

This election is about one thing. The Democratic candidate must prove to the voters that Christie is a bullshitter. Then and only then can this election become close.

Can Buono come out and call Christie a bullshitter?  

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  1. vmars

    She’s running in a primary for now, positioning for that and not against Christie.

    Believe me, Senator Buono can be rough and brutal.  There’s a reason so many in power are not fond of her.


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