AZ’s Republican Gov Embraces Medicaid Expansion. NJ’s Needs To Do the Same

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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has become just the third Republican governor in the country to opt in to a crucial piece of Obamacare: the Medicaid expansion. Brewer, a Republican, did so even though she continues to oppose the Affordable Care Act in principle.

With the feds picking up nearly all of the costs, it’s no wonder Gov. Brewer came to her senses and opted in to the expansion, which will help boost Arizona’s economy while providing health coverage to those in need.

Your move, Gov. Christie.

For background on why the expansion is a no-brainer, check out these two recent NJPP reports: 9 Great Reasons to Expand Medicaid in New Jersey Now and Another Reason to Expand Medicaid: Working New Jerseyans in Most Occupations Would Benefit

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  1. Jeff Gardner

    On issue after issue, our Governor is chasing the elusive national republican electorate instead of leading on behalf of New Jersey.



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