12 out of 13 NJ Congressmen vote for Fiscal Cliff deal

At 11pm on New Year’s Day the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 8, the “American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.” This bill, which passed 89-8 earlier in the Senate (Sen. Menendez voted for it while Sen. Lautenberg did not vote due to his current bout with the flu), passed in the House 257-167 with the breakdowns by party being the following: 85 Republicans voting YES with 151 Republicans voting NO & 172 Democrats voting YES with 16 voting NO.  Among New Jersey’s House delegation, all 7 House Democrats voted YES for the bill while 5 out of NJ’s 6 House Republicans voted YES (the lone NO vote came from right wing ideologue Scott Garrett).  Interestingly, while Speaker John Boehner and House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan voted FOR the bill, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor voted AGAINST it, indicating some large divisions among the House Republican leadership and the House Republican caucus.

The bill, which will be signed by President Obama very soon, would ease large portions of the “fiscal cliff.”  The bill would make permanent the Bush-era tax cuts for couples earning under $450,000 and individuals earning under $400,000.  The bill also keeps the estate tax threshold at $5 million, extends emergency federal unemployment benefits for one more year, and delays for two months the “sequester” that made up the spending cut portion of the cliff. It also extends the stimulus-boosted child tax credit and the college tuition credit for five years, individual and business tax breaks for two years, and the Medicare “doc fix” for one year, preventing a 27 percent payment cut for physicians. The Alternative Minimum Tax will be permanently fixed, and the the farm bill will be extended for one year.

The bill was opposed by many groups on both the left and the right.  MoveOn.org opposed the bill and sent an email out to its members late Monday night asking them to call their U.S. Representative and tell them to “Vote no on the Senate tax bill. Do not extend the Bush tax breaks for people making more than $250,000 a year” (with only 16 House Democrats voting against it they were not very successful).  Major conservative groups such as the Club for Growth, the Heritage Foundation, FreedomWorks, and Americans for Prosperity were also opposed to the deal.  We will see what the ramifications of this deal will have in the weeks and months to come…

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  1. scarletbgonias

    The hike on individuals making $400,000 or families making $450,000 weren’t acceptable (and the Club for Growth, Heritage Foundation, FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity opposed it).

    This deal also permanently fixes the AMT, something Garrett is always screeching about.

    This man really is the enemy of the good.

    I can’t wait to see his vote on Sandy Relief, whenever that happens now.

  2. CyberKat

    We have to start spreading the word how bad he is.  I think most of his constituents don’t know because he doesn’t do interviews or town halls.  I don’t even think he even meets with constituents in his office.  We have to get his name and his votes out there in the press.  And we have to start working now to get him out in 2014.

    I’m ready – who’s with me?

  3. CyberKat


    I’ve been using the hash tag #GarrettsGot2Go on Twitter when I tweet any Garrett related news.


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