113th Congress by the Numbers

“This is the people’s House.  This is the people’s gavel.  It represents a sacred trust.  May we all fulfill that trust and make real the ideals of democratic government.”                            – Leader Nancy Pelosi

Stats culled from CNN and Dem Daily & wiki.

Leadership of the 113th Congress:

House of Representatives

Speaker of the House: John Boehner              

Democratic Leader: Nancy Pelosi

Majority Leader: Eric Cantor                            

Democratic Whip: Steny Hoyer

Majority Whip: Kevin McCarthy                        

Assistant Democratic Leader: James Clyburn


Majority Leader: Harry Reid                              Minority Leader: Mitch McConnell

Majority Whip: Dick Durbin                               Minority Whip: John Cornyn

113th Congress by the numbers:

13 new Senators

84 new House members

20 women in the Senate

78 women in the House (number of women in NJ delegation = 0)

12 new members who have served in U.S. military

1  Massachusetts senator with Rutgers Law degree

Elizabeth Warren was 9 months pregnant & already had a 2-year-old at graduation

19% of the House now belong to minority groups

40 African American Members, 1 in the Senate (*appointed)

28 Hispanic Members in the House, 3 in the Senate

7   Openly Gay or Bisexual Members in the House

33 Members under the age of 40 in the House, 1 in the Senate

2  Physicists in the House [Rush Holt & Rep. Bill Foster (D-Il), sworn in today]

5  House members from previous careers in professional sports [incl. Jon Runyan]

85 Members in the House who have served in the Military, 19 in the Senate

88 Oldest member of the Senate, Frank Lautenberg

     Lautenberg will be 89 on Jan. 23

89  Oldest member (ever) of the House, Ralph Hall (R-TX)

A Congress of Firsts

First Openly Gay Senator: Tammy Baldwin (D-WI)

First Openly Gay minority member of Congress: Rep. Mark Takano (CA-41)

First Asian-American woman Senator: Mazie Hirono (D-HI) ** thanks theoneo for the correction

First Bisexual member of Congress: Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-09)

First Hindu member of Congress: Tulsi Gabbard (HI-02)

Fun Facts

  • For the first time, white men will be a minority in the House Democratic Caucus as a majority of Members are now either non-white or female.

  • 3 states are now represented by two female senators: New Hampshire, Washington, and California.

  • Women comprise 20% of the Senate and 18% of the House Members
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    1. theoneo

      She’s the first Asian American female senator, not the first Asian American senator.


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