What’s next for EPA Chief Lisa Jackson?

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NYT reports she is in fact stepping down as head of the EPA.

E.P.A. Chief to Step Down, With Climate Still Low Priority

Will she come back to NJ? Run for Governor? U.S. Senate?  Congressman Pascrell’s seat if he runs for Governor?

I know a lot of the Big E environmental groups are not particularly enamored of Lisa Jackson’s tenure as either EPA Chief or NJDEP Commissioner.

But I saw her speak in Louisiana when I was running state communications there for Repower America.

I walked away extremely impressed, she spoke from the heart about her experiences with environmental waste, toxics, cancer and the impact of these threats on communities and families.

And as someone who grew up in the heart of Superfund country near the Arthur Kill, I can tell who really bleeds green and who doesn’t very very quickly.

Christie Whitman bleeds green for instance — but that’s a story for another day.

Lisa Jackson gets it, she knows what the environmental realities are and she knows what the political realities are. I’ve never bought the naysaying about her commitment to environmental protection.

Jackson grew up in Louisiana not far from cancer alley and spent her career with the EPA in Region 2 overseeing Superfund and toxic cleanup programs. Degrees in Chemical Engineering from Princeton and Tulane.

You can’t have those experiences and not be committed to environmental protection and reform.

If politics is not in the cards for Jackson, I hope one of the Big E environmental groups pick her as their next President, Chair or ED.  

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  1. Bertin Lefkovic

    …for Lisa Jackson.  I agree that she would be a fine head of an environmental organization, but there are many people who are better candidates and more qualified to run for Governor against Christie than her and if Pascrell runs for Governor and wins, which would be the only scenario in which his seat would become vacant, there are many other, better candidates to replace him than her; first and foremost amongst these is Blue Jersey’s own, Jeff Gardner.


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