Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Dec. 29-30, 2012

All hail Twitter.

Celebrate Kwanzaa and screw with Paul Mulshine.

TODAY 1-7PM at The Stone Pony: United to Restore the Jersey Shore Concert!

  • Check the ad over Blue Jersey’s masthead right now. Dems, Republicans and emerging leaders combine forces to raise cash for suffering New Jersey neighbors with music. It’s good! Go there!.

    Blue Jersey’s wishing tough-as-nails Sen. Frank Lautenberg good health

  • We’re down a vote as the senator rests up from the flu. Get well soon, Senator.

    Sandy Recovery

  • NJ House Republicans step up fight as Sandy relief bill hangs in balance.

  • Call NJ’s 6 Republican congressmen!.
  • “Show me the money!”
  • Volume of claims delays Sandy settlements at the Shore.
  • Belmar mayor Matt Doherty learns post-Sandy recovery lessons on Gulf Coast.

    If only an armed teacher had been there …

  • Dear people who say mass shooting only happen in public places where guns are banned: Shut up, now.
  • A $100M ballot question proposed to buy up flood-prone properties in the state.

    Sen. Steve Sweeney writes a pro-labor op-ed

  • ‘Right-to-work’ drains middle class.

    This will break your heart

  • Camden’s annual peace vigil.

  • Cracking Camden’s killings: On the front lines.


  • Sarlo offers Treasurer another chance to appear before his committee to discuss budget fixes.

  • Did you get a red-light camera ticket?

  • Getting the word out: Shore is open for business.


  • Arsenic cleanup nearly done at NJ Superfund site.

  • Vineland’s first Hispanic mayor to be sworn in.

    NJ State Police still plagued by missteps despite improvements

  • New State Police acting a lot like the old State Police.

    Securing chemicals to prevent another Paulsboro accident

  • There are 473 chemical facilities in America today that pose a danger to populations of 100,000 or more, and 89 plants that place a million or more people at risk of immediate injury or death from toxic chemical exposure.

    The Auditor

  • Decoding redacted Zuckerberg email, Sweeney on teh Twitter, and more.
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    1. firstamend07

      An excellent article exposing once again the lucrative human warehousing Halfway House industry;


    2. ken bank

      Star-Ledger writer Paul Mulshine’s column trashing Kwanzaa and it’s “founder” Mualana Karenga says more about the racist hypocrisy of teabaggers like Mulshine than it does about the personal shortcomings of an African-American scholar and activist. Mulshine fails on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start. For starters he tries to compare Karenga with Jesus Christ, implying that Kwanzaa loses its legitimacy as a holiday because it’s “creator” had a criminal conviction for assault. That’s ridiculous as Kwanzaa does not celebrate or even acknowledge Karenga in the way Christmas honors the birth of Jesus.

      Mulshine keeps harping about Kwanzaa being illegitimate because Karenga was less than perfect as a human being. Utter nonsense. That’s like saying Christianity is phoney because it was “invented” by people such as Saint Paul who, in his previous incarnation as Saul of Tarsus, presided over the persecution and execution of Christians. Or the Roman Emperor Constantine, hardly a poster boy for nonviolence and Peace on Earth, who presided over the Council Of Nicea which established the parameters of Christian beliefs and theology. Or that the Anglican Church Of England was “invented” by a lovesick monarch who decapitated two of his six wives.

      If I have a bone to pick with Karenga and Kwanzaa is the way it tries to differentiate itself from Judeo-Christian-Moslem traditions which, in fact, have significant African roots. Last time I checked Egypt, where Moses and monotheism originated, was part of Africa. Before Constantine hijacked Christianity and adopted it to suit his own political agenda, that religion was developed and nurtured in Egypt, Ethiopia and other parts of northern and sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, if one wants to explore the pre-European roots of Christianity as it was practiced in the early years following the death of Jesus, they need to go to Egypt and Ethiopia to observe traditions and rituals that have been practiced since long before Christianity became dominated and influenced by European culture. And then there is Islam, whose “founder” was also less than perfect, which also flourished in and dominated Africa for almost a thousand years.

      So ironic that Mulshine denigrates and belittles the message and traditions of Kwanzaa which reflect the teachings of Jesus Christ much more so than the tea party philosophy of every man for himself and only the strong survive. No doubt in my mind that if Jesus was alive today he would be much more comfortable with the meaning of Kwanzaa than he would by the conspicuous consumption and commercialism of the holiday that is celebrated in his name.

      Screw Paul Mulshine, and have a Happy ChristmaHannuKwanzaakah!!  


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